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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Educational Psychology Library Lab Manual : An Introduction to Searching UAlberta Library Sources of InformationLacroix, Denis
2019-10-10Teaching in a Digital Age, 2nd editionBates, A.W. (Tony)
2019-01-21FLO Facilitation Guide : Facilitating Learning OnlineCurrie, Sylvia; Riessner, Sylvia; Bennett, Gina; Cougler Blom, Beth; Cheekwan Ho; Josie Gray; Robynne Devine
2016-06-15Music and the ChildSarrazin, Natalie
2019-02-27Healing and Reconciliation Through EducationShingwauk Residential Schools Centre
2019-05-10Applications of LinkedIn Learning in Ontario's Post-Secondary InstitutionseCampusOntario; Anne-Marie Taylor; Amanda Baker Robinson; Sheida Shahi; Moien Giashi; Lena Patterson; Kevin Gingerich; Ashley Marshall; Jennifer Rouse Barbeau; Erik Nevland; Christopher Kosloski; Brittany Starkman; Brandon Carson
2020Interdisciplinary Studies : A Connected Learning ApproachDeRosa, Robin
2019-04-11Policy and Governance in Postsecondary Institutions : Canadian Perspectives on Ethics and Decision MakingKumar, Rahul; McGray, Robert; Kopczinski, Jennifer; Beres, Jacqueline
2020Exploring Physical Phenomena : What happens when light from the Sun shines on the Earth?van Zee, Emily; Gire, Elizabeth; Derek Ostrom
2021Technology in the CurriculumMcGravey, Matthew; Craig, Chris; Vincze, Craig; Emond, Robin; Wise, Jaclyn; Currie, Heather; MacDonald, Ali; Splinter, Michelle; Gopaul, Melissa; Danciu, Diana; Pryce, Oliver; Gerard, Tammy; Lennox, Allison; Tannir, Nady; Patel, Namita; Soos, Larissa; Bryant, Darren; Cameron, Chris; Figliuzzi, Kristen; Sprayson, Alison; Parrish, Michelle; Pilloy, Tobie; Leung, Man Hoi; Brathwaite, Sarah; Luchka, Lauren; Bowman, Michael; Hogan, Bell Violet; Riberdy, Kristen; Ayman Abdulkadir; Pranjal Saloni; Rebecca Maynard