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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The Word on College Reading and WritingOpen Oregon Pressbooks; Monique Babin; Carol Burnell; Susan Pesznecker; Nicole Rosevear; Jaime Wood
-Microeconomics: Markets, Methods & Models (Lyryx)Lyryx Learning; Douglas Curtis; Ian Irvine
2012College Physics : OpenStaxKim Dirks; Manjula Sharma; OpenStax; Paul Peter Urone; Roger Hinrichs
2016In the Community: An Intermediate Integrated Skills TextbookBCcampus; NorQuest College
2015College Algebra : OpenStaxValeree Falduto; Rachael Gross; David Lippman; Melonie Rasmussen; Rick Norwood; Nicholas Belloit; Jean-Marie Magnier; Harold Whipple; Christina Fernandez; OpenStax; Jay P. Abramson
2016Calculus : Volume 2 OpenStaxCatherine Abbott; Nicoleta Virginia Bila; Sheri J. Boyd; Joyati Debnath; Valeree Falduto,; Joseph Lakey; Julie Levandosky; David McCune; Michelle Merriweather; Kirsten R. Messer; Alfred K. Mulzet; William Radulovich; Erica M. Rutter; David Smith; Elaine A. Terry; David Torain; OpenStax; Gilbert Strang; Edwin “Jed” Herman
2015Principles of MarketingUniversity of Minnesota: Open Library; Author removed at request of original publisher
2015Graphic Design and Print Production FundamentalsWayne Collins; Alex Hass; Ken Jeffery; Alan Martin; Roberto Medeiros; Steve Tomljanovic; BCcampus; Graphic Communications Open Textbook Collective
2013Literature, the Humanities, and HumanityOpen SUNY Textbooks; BCcampus; Theodore L. Steinberg
2015Line A: Safe Work Practices Competency A-5: Describe Fire SafetyCamosun College; British Columbia.Ministry of Technolgy, Innovation and Citizens' Services; BC Open Textbook Project; BCcampus; Rod Lidstone