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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-31The Economics of Food and Agricultural Markets, 2nd editionBarkley, Andrew
2016-08-16A Quick and Dirty Guide to Art, Music, and CultureFunk, Clayton
2019-06-21Interpreting Love Narratives in East Asian Literature and Film : The Status of Traditional Worldviews and ValuesWallace, John R.
2019-12-01Academic Writing BasicsRobertson, Megan
2019-03-07Working Group Guide : Establish, Run, and Sustain an Open Working GroupWright, Lucas; Lambert, Krista; Castagné, Michel; Coolidge, Amanda; Daniels, Caroline; Engle, Will; Flewelling, Debra; Gregson, Grant; Harrison, Michelle; Meijer-Kline, Karen; Passos, Rosario; Power, Hope
2019-02-14Chemistry 2eFlowers, Paul; Theopold, Klaus; Langley, Richard; Robinson, William R.; Frantz, Don; Hooker, Paul; Kaminski, George; Look, Jennifer; Martinez, Carol; Eklund, Andrew; Blaser, Mark; Sorensen, Tom; Soult, Allison; Milliken, Troy; Moravec, Vicki; Powell, Jason; El-Giar, Emad; Bott, Simon; Carpenetti, Don
2017-06-20Computer Graphics and Computer Animation : A Retrospective OverviewCarlson, Wayne E.
2017-08-22Veterinary HistologyJennings, Ryan; Premanandan, Christopher; Duffy, Alexis; Miller, Ashley; Shiflet, Mike; Rhodes-DiSalvo, Melinda; Hsiao, Jay; Kendziorski, Jessica; Cianciolo, Rachel; Wilkie, Dave; Wong, Agnes; Lin, Mingqun; Vojt, Tim
2019-08-08English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, CommunicateInoshita, Ann; Garland, Karyl; Sims, Kate; Keuma, Jeanne K. Tsutsui; Williams, Tasha; Meinke, William
2017-09-30Undergraduate Diagnostic Imaging FundamentalsBurbridge, Brent; Mah, Evan