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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-28Forensic Toxicology : From Crime Scene to the Virtual LabMartic, Sanela; Martic, Sanela; Esposto, Josephine; Miskulin, Allie; Ferguson, Stephanie; Bailey, James; Adrian, Micah
2022-02-28Collaborative Learning Environment for Remote Experimentation with RobotsAlirezaee, Shahpour; Mozaffari, Saeed; Lubrick, Mark
2022-03-01Health Education Media LibraryDilkes, Danielle; Dilkes, Danielle; Carlisle-Johnston, Emily; Mo, Nyren; Elshorafa, Suzanne; Challis, Alison; Way, Kristen; Menard, Melony; Rooyakkers, Michael; Brown, Meghan; Leighton, Phyllis; Thomas-Holder, Sherine; Chang Chen, Yi; Canterbury, Jill; Morris, Tony; Chan, Ryan; Savill, Jackie; Nicolle, Michael; Florendo Cumbermack, Anita; Jenkins, Mary; Fraser, Alex; Chinnadurai, Anu; Casserly, Courtney; Sinclair, Barbara
2022-03-31Unreal Engine 4 : IntermediateCenteno, Hector; Centeno, Hector; Wei, Lulu; Sanchez, Raphael
2022-03-31TouchDesigner: IntermediatePhi, Ali; Men, Immony; Wei, Lulu; Sanchez, Raphael
2022-03-31Davinci Resolve : IntermediateHoicka, Marisa; Men, Immony; Wei, Lulu; Sanchez, Raphael
2022A Living Archive of Anti-Racism : Arts, Education, and Community-Building PracticesMcNeil, Daniel; Alvi, Saba; ElSayed, Sally; Yahya, Hijaab
2022-02-28Simulation de réalité virtuelle et de réalité augmentée pour l'apprentissage technologiqueAnis, Hanan; Boudreau, Justine; Nku, David; Vendette, Alexandre; Nku, David; Duplaa, Emmanuel; Haghighatpasand, Mohsen; Neptune, David; Rosier, Philippe; Yacout, Youssef; Ahmad; Alaa, Yahya
2022-02-28Spatial Humanities and Digital Storytelling : Critical Historical ApproachesHemsworth, Katie; Castle, Ysable; Charron, Kyle; Carroll, Heather; Charron, Kyle
2022-02-28Digital Humanities Tools and Techniques IWachowiak, Mark P.; Carroll, Heather; Charron, Kyle; Smolikova, Renata; Hehn, Ryan