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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Mathematics for Public and Occupational Health ProfessionalsIan Young
2012An Introduction to Nutrition[Author removed at request of original publisher]
2020Infection Prevention and Control PracticesMichelle Hughes; Kendra Allen
2020Comprehensive Midwifery - The role of the midwife in health care practice, education, and research : An Interactive Guide to the Theory and Evidence of PracticeBeth Murrary-Davis; Eileen K. Hutton; Elaine Carty; Karyn Kaufman; Michelle Butler; Gail Martin; Andrea Lam; Maine Bi; Jennifer Belanger; Allison Campbell; Andrea Robertson; Cristina Mattison; Elaine Carty; Jayne E Marshall; Kris Robinson; Lesley Page; Lorna McRae; Mary Nolan; Mary Renfrew; Michelle Butler; Nadya Burton; Terri Rypkema; Vicki van Wagner
2020Safe Pharmacy Simulation / Expérience de la Pharmacie SécuritairePat Marten-Daniel; Paula Mastrilli; Darshnee Ramnaraign; Shelia Mae Sia; Michelle Hughes; Lisboa Romero; Margaret Verkuyl; Kate Parker; Joy Webster; Jacob Thompson; Kathleen Abbott; Susan A’Court; Elizabeth Hanna; Mandy Lowe; Tracy Paulenko; Sylvia Summers; Henk Demeris; Elisa Moolecherry; Susan Lock; Kendra Allen; Darshnee Ramnaraig; Sukie Parr; Michael Eliadis
2020-08-14Introduction to Communication in Nursing, 1st Canadian editionJennifer Lapum; Oona St-Amant; Michelle Hughes; Joy Garmaise-Yee; Charlotte Lee
2020Cultural Resources for Community NursingDelores McCreary
2018-08-20Drugs, Health & BehaviorJacqueline Schwab
-Anatomy & Physiology: OpenStaxOpenStax; Robin J. Heyden; Peter DeSaix; J. Gordon Betts; Eddie Johnson; Jody E. Johnson; Oksana Korol; Dean H. Kruse; Brandon Poe; James A. Wise; Kelly A. Young
2019-02-12Allied Health MicrobiologyOpenStax