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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07-01Strategic Assessment of Institutional Learning : Practitioner HandbookHoessler, Carolyn; Hoare, Alana
2022-02-28Humanizing Virtual Learning in Higher Education : A Guide to Creating Connection, Engagement, and InclusivityWilson, Kristin; Stodola, Jenny; Niblett, Blair; Opperwall, Daniel; Zeni, Pia; Dyer, Lake; Huguenin, Mitch; Nietsch, Megan; Mursleen, Tahira; Joukova, Antonina; Chaudet, Marcia; Ferguson, Stephanie; Parker, Rob; Conestoga College Multimedia Video Development
2022-02-28High Quality Online Courses : How to improve course design and delivery for your post-secondary learnersZeni, Pia; Opperwall, Daniel; Stodola, Jenny; Logue, Alexandra; Macnab, Erin; Shannon, Laura; Nietsch, Megan; Wilson, Kristin; Mursleen, Tahira; Joukova, Antonina; Francoeur, Dana; Zaza, Christine; Boragina, Stephanie; Beyer, Wanda; Chaudet, Marcia; Smiley, Douglas; Reumkens, Brock; Conestoga College Multimedia Development Team
2022-02-24Digital Learning Producers Training ProgramKwasny, David; Phiragnee, Krystle; Humphries, Matt; Clarke, Nadine
2022-03-30Impliquer les apprenants en ligne : Stratégies pour offrir des expériences d'apprentissageHarttrup, Michael; Kaur, Irameet; Tapper, Evan; Brockerhoff-MacDonald, Bettina
2022-02-23Open Source for Digital Communication & Learning Objects : Live Streaming, Podcasting, and Video EditingKwasny, David; Humphries, Matthew
2022-03-30Engaging the Online Learner : Strategies for Meaningful and Effective Learning ExperiencesKaur, Irameet; Harttrup, Michael; Tapper, Evan; Brockerhoff-MacDonald, Bettina
2021-12-23Ethical Use of Technology in Digital Learning Environments : Graduate Student Perspectives, Volume 2Brown, Barbara; Roberts, Verena; Jacobsen, Michele; Hurrell, Christie; Travers-Hayward, Mia; Neutzling, Nicole; Templeman, Joel; Steeves, Marcia; Hendrickson, Rob; Luinstra, David; Humphreys, Lindsay; Dunham, Lacey; Maciach, Michael; Brown, Barbara; Jacobsen, Michele; Roberts, Verena; Hurrell, Christie; Travers-Hayward, Mia; Neutzling, Nicole
2022-02-28Community Engagement with Young PeopleSandeep, Raha; Rebecca, Collins-Nelson; Aaron, Hubbell; Angel, Cai; Sneesha, Anandkumar; Sandeep, Raha; Rebecca, Collins-Nelsen; Aaron, Hubbell; Karen, Balcom; Hartley, Jafine; James, Sikkema
2022TEd-ViV (Teacher Education Video Vignettes)Petrarca, Diana; Kitchen, Julian; Atkinson, Hannah