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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Advanced Library Skills for Physics ResearchStieglitz, Lauren
2019The Canadian Handbook for Careers in Psychological ScienceNorris PhD, Meghan E.; Tyson W. Baker; Cathy Keates; Miguel Hahn; Thomas I. Vaughan-Johnston; Leandre R. Fabrigar; Katie Lawrence; Cannie Stark; Meredith L. Chivers; Christopher Bowie; Su Buchanan; Tess Clifford; Julie Goodman; Lindy Kilik; Martin Logan; Caroline Pukall; Michael C. Seto; William A. Borgen; Roberta A. Neault; Tara K. MacDonald; Valerie Wood; Erica Refling; Valerie A. Kuhlmeier; Kyla Mayne; Wendy Craig; John Stead; Alex Wiseman; Kim Hellemans; E. Kevin Kelloway; Steven M. Smith; Marguerite Ternes; Skye Stephens; Katelynn Carter-Rogers; Lori Dithurbide; Poppy DesClouds; Kylie McNeill; Natalie Durand-Bush; Christina DeRoo; Sommer Christie; Cheuk F. Ng; Robert Gifford; Jennifer A. Veitch; Lindsay J. McCunn; Liesette Brunson; Alexis Gilmer; Colleen Loomis; Damian O'Keefe; Samantha Urban; Wendy Darr
2020-04-01Didacticiel du style de citation APA, 7e éditionAdams, Sarah; Feisst, Debbie; NorQuest College Library; Alissa Droog; Denis Lacroix; Mireille Smith
2020-04-01APA Style Citation Tutorial, 7th editionAdams, Sarah; Feisst, Debbie; NorQuest College Library; Alissa Droog
2017-01-07OpenSem : A Student-Generated Handbook for the First Year of College-
2018-05-31Time Management for Busy StudentsKwantlen Polytechnic University Learning Centres; Adam Vincent; Christina Page; Bhuvinder Vaid; Marti Alger
2018-04-30Reading Texts : An Interactive WorkshopKwantlen Polytechnic University Learning Centres; Page, Christina
2020Student Engagement Activities for Business CommunicationsAshman, Melissa; Cruthers, Arley; Duncan, Sarah; Inkster Vance, Karen; Tritchew, Panteli
2020Programmes d'étude et ressources autorisées : Savoir les trouver à la bibliothèque de l'Université de l'AlbertaLacroix, Denis; cgareaubrennan
2017-08-24Stand up, Speak out : The Practice and Ethics of Public SpeakingLeslie J. Harris; Christopher Anderson; Leslie J. Harris; Marnie Lawler Mcdonough; Josh Miller; Stacey Mirviss-Jossart; Emily Mueller; Megan Orcholski; Kristin Woodward