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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03-31Web Design PrimereCampusOntario; Richard Adams; Ahmed Sagarwala; Eleanor Beale; Humaira Imtiyaz; Reuben Kiblitsky; Shelly Sicat
2018-11-06Digital Accessibility as a Business PracticeGreg Gay; Frank Miller; Christopher West; eCampusOntario; Digital Education Strategies, The Chang School
2018-06-15Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made EasyeCampusOntario; Digital Education Strategies, The Chang School; Greg Gay
2019-02-28Web Accessibility for DeveloperseCampusOntario; Digital Education Strategies, The Chang School; Pauline Ricablanca; Greg Gay; Igor Karasyov
2019-08-01Introduction to Web AccessibilityDigital Education Strategies, The Chang School; Patricia Ocampo; Pauline Ricablanca; Greg Gay
2020-01-25Understanding Document AccessibilityDigital Education Strategies - The Chang School; Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCADU; Greg Gay
2020Introduction to Technology Stewardship for Agricultural Extension and Advisory ServicesGordon Gow; Helen Hambly Odame; Uvasara Dissanayeke; Udith Jayasinghe-Mudalige; Rob McMahon; Nuwan Waidayantha; Chandana Jayathilake
2019Information Systems for Business and Beyond (2019)David Bourgeois; Joseph Mortati; Shouhong Wang; James Smith
2018-12-15Programming Fundamentals : A Modular Structured Approach, 2nd editionKenneth Leroy Busbee; Dave Braunschweig
2019-01-06The Open Digital Archaeology TextbookShawn Graham; Neha Gupta; Michael Carter; Beth Compton; Jolene Smith; Andreas Angourakis; Andrew Reinhard; Kate Ellenberger; Zack Batist; Joel Rivard; Ben Marwick; Rob Blades; Cristina Wood; Katharine Cook; Ethan Watrall; Daniel Pett; Eric Kansa; Kathleen Fitzpatrick; Gary Nobles