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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Nursing PharmacologyChippewa Valley Technical College; Christman, Elizabeth; Ernstmeyer, Kimberly
2020Living Earth Community : Multiple Ways of Being and KnowingMickey, Sam; Tucker, Mary Evelyn; Grim, John; Mickey, Sam; Tucker, Mary Evelyn; Grim, John; Abram, David; Warren, Julianne Lutz; Waldau, Paul; Kohn, Eduardo; Apffel-Marglin, Frédérique; Lovejoy, Thomas E; Duara, Prasenjit; Haberman, David L; Haskell, David; Brown, Timothy; Jenkins, Willis; Williams, Brooke; Armstrong, Jeannette; Burow, Paul; Brock, Samara; Dove, Michael; Kelly, Sean; Eaton, Heather; Thomashow, Mitchell
2020-07-22Niagara College Libraries + Learning Commons Information Skills Online Handbook : A Guide to Getting Started with Research for Niagara College StudentsChambers Page, Jaclyn; Boschman, Siscoe; Reynolds, Kent
2020-08-21Chemistry and the Environment : A Chemistry Perspective for discussion of Environmental IssuesLatimer, Devin R.
2020-01-16Languages and WorldviewAllard-Kropp, Manon; Schmitt, Judy; Marvin, Helena
2020Math for Trades : Volume 1Flinn, Chad; Overgaard, Mark
2020-08-20Didacticiel de recherche en bibliothèque pour les sciences humaines et sociales : Une introduction à la recherche informationnelle à l'Université de l'AlbertaLacroix, Denis; Shaughnessy, Sarah
2020-08-31Fit for Online Learning : Your Handbook to Teaching OnlineU of L Teaching Centre; Monteiro Lima, Adriana
2020-08-31The Western World : Daily Readings on GeographyQuam, Joel; Campbell, Scott; Adduci, Joseph J.; Armas, Felipe; Bolyanatz, Alexander H.; Dexter, Nathan; Goergen, Christian; Ishida, Y. Franklin; Meserve, Peter; Pearson, Mark A.; Porter, Thomas Earl; Quam, Will; Willis, Derrick
2020-05-20ECHO : Ethnographic, Cultural and Historical Overview of Yukon's First PeoplesCastillo, Victoria Elena; Schreyer, Christine; Southwick, Tosh