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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-22Supporting the Transfer of Learning in BusinessesWatters, Mikele; Watters, Mikele; Baloch, Qais; Winterburn, Lianne
2022-02-25Evaluating the Impact of Learning on PerformanceWatters, Mikele; Watters, Mikele; Baloch, Qais; Winterburn, Lianne
2022-02-25French 3Kabongo, Kayuyi-Rebecca; Leard, Tina; Singh, Jaskaran; Wadhvana, Mihir; Clarke, Duncan; Hillyer, Morgan
2022-07-01Strategic Assessment of Institutional Learning : Practitioner HandbookHoessler, Carolyn; Hoare, Alana
2022-01-15Program Review Handbook : A Course-based Approach to Conducting Program ReviewHoare, Alana; Dishke Hondzel, Catharine; Wagner, Shannon
2022Ontario Working Together : Collaboration foundations for virtual learning innovationResearch and Foresight eCampusOntario
2022Travaillons ensemble Ontario : Fondations collaboratives pour l'innovation en matière d'apprentissage virtuelResearch and Foresight eCampusOntario
2022The Impacts of the Virtual Learning Strategy : Investing in Ontario's Virtual Learning FutureResearch and Foresight eCampusOntario
2022Les impacts de la Stratégie d'apprentissage virtuel : Investir dans l'avenir d'apprentissage virtuel en OntarioResearch and Foresight, eCampusOntario
2022-03-01Best Practices in Developing and Teaching with XR Learning SimulationsTrimble, Lisa; Facchini, Linda; Paulson, Elan; Sitler, Evan; Nelson, Nancy; Brown, Jennifer; Dineen, Stacey; Frankowski, Kyla; Inglis, David; Herhold, Jessica; MacNeil, Drew; Patel, Paras; Turner, Cam; Yingbull, Michael; Yo, Sean