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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Enseignement à distance : un guide pratique avec des outils, techniques, et suggestionsAlison Flynn; Jeremy Kerr
2020Remote teaching: a practical guide with tools, tips, and techniquesAlison Flynn; Jeremy Kerr
2020Student-Centered Learning: Subversive Teachers and Standardized WorldsP.K. Rangachari; Rosalyn Johnson
2020Remote teaching: a guide for teaching assistantsMeredith Allen; Alisha Szozda; Jeremy Kerr; Alison Flynn
2020-02-01Preparing for the Canadian ClassroomKwantlen Polytechnic University Learning Centres
2020-05-01Technology Tools for Teaching in Higher Education, The Practical Handbook SeriesShaun Ferns; Amanda Cappon; Ana Duff; Ashley Marshall; Barry Ryan; Barry Thompson; Caroline Ferguson; Catherine Deegan; Cormac MacMahon; Corrine McCormick-Brighton; Geraldine Gray; Ginny Brunton; Gurpaul Kochhar; Heather Leckey; Jordanne Christie; Joseph MacMillan; Kathryn Carter; Kevin Dougherty; Lillian Chumbley; Mark Keyes; Michael Evans; Michael Guy; Michelle Mouton; Natasha Kowalskyj; Nicola Duffy; Olga Bulakh; Paul Dervan; Pauline Rooney; Ramiro Liscano; Rob Elkington; Robert Hickey; Sarah Coombs; Sarah Stokes; Sayyed Ali Hosseini; Shannon Webb; Tanya Wakelin; Vivian Stamatopoulos; Samaneh Mazaheri; Derek Dodd; Michael Guy; Ian Cudmore; Shaun Ferns; Jordanne Christie; Caroline Ferguson; Nicola Duffy; Shaun Ferns
2020-07-20Using Game-Based Learning Online – A Cookbook of RecipesElaine Beaulieu; Mish Boutet; Lynne Bowker; Thomas Burelli; Jackie Carnegie; Alexandre Lillo; David MacDonald; Colin Montpetit; Steven Ousko
2020Classes extérieures dans l’enseignement supérieur en contexte de COVID-19 au Canada : Guide pour appuyer les directions lors des premières étapes d’implantation / Outdoor classes in higher education during the context of COVID-19 in Canada : Guide to support management during the first phases of implementationJean-Philippe Ayotte-Beaudet; Marie-Claude Beaudry; Véronique Bisaillon; Patrice Cordeau
2020-06-24Now is the Time for Open Educational Resources: A Guide to OER by Subjects Taught at Ryerson UniversityKelly Dermody; Ann Ludbrook; Nada Savicevic; Michelle Schwartz; Reece Steinberg; Sally Wilson
2020-07-03Enseignement à distance : un guide pour les assistantes et assistants d’enseignementMeredith Allen; Alisha Szozda; Jeremy Kerr; Alison Flynn