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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016BCcampus OER student toolkit: An advocacy guide for student leadersDaniel Munro; Jenna Omassi; Brady Yano; BCcampus
2014Brief CalculusBCcampus; Benjamin Crowell
-Building a Competitive First Nation Investment ClimateBCcampus; Chief Mike Lebourdais; Dr. Robert Bish; Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics
-Calculus: Volume 1 OpenStaxCatherine Abbott; Nicoleta Virginia Bila; Sheri J. Boyd; Joyati Debnath; Valeree Falduto; Joseph Lakey; Julie Levandosky; David McCune,; Michelle Merriweather; Kirsten R. Messer; Alfred K. Mulzet; William Radulovich; Erica M. Rutter; David Smith; Elaine A. Terry; David Torain; BCcampus; Gilbert Strang; Edwin Prine Herman; OpenStax
2016Canadian History : Post-ConfederationBCcampus; John Douglas Belshaw
2015Canadian History : Pre-ConfederationBCcampus; John Douglas Belshaw
2015CB Trousse d’outils d’accessibilité pour les manuels scolaires ouvertsBCcampus; Amanda Coolidge; Sue Doner; Tara Robertson
2016Chemistry : Atoms First - OpenStaxBCcampus; Paul Flowers; Edward J. Neth; Klaus Theopold; Richard Langley; William R. Robinson
2015Clinical Procedures for Safer Patient CareBCcampus; British Columbia Institute of Technology; Jodie Anita McCutcheon; Glynda Rees Doyle
2013Communication TheoryBCcampus; Wikibooks; Charles Berger; Richard Calabrese; Jacques Ellul; Theodor Adorno; Max Horkheimer; Habermas; Roland Barthes; Walter Ong; Niklas Luhmann; Manuel Castells
2016Complexités, Capacités, Communautés: Changer le discours sur le développement dans l’éducation, la protection et le développement de la petite enfanceBCcampus; Alan R. Pence; Allison Benner
2015Complexities, Capacities, Communities: Changing Development Narratives in Early Childhood Education, Care, and DevelopmentBCcampus; Alan R. Pence; Allison Benner
2015Concepts of Biology: 1st Canadian EditionBCcampus; Camosun College; Charles Molnar; Jane Gair
2015Creative Clinical Teaching in the Health ProfessionsBCcampus; Sherri Melrose; Caroline Park; Beth Perry
2010Cross Connection Control for Plumbing and Piping Trades: Plumber Apprenticeship Program Level 3BCcampus; Richard V. Mawle
2014Database Design - 2nd EditionBCcampus; Adrienne Watt; Nelson Eng
2011Digital FoundationsFree Software Foundation; BCcampus; Xtine Burrough; Michael Mandiber
2018Education and Career Planning Open CourseMary Shier; Allison Schubert; BCcampus
2013Electronic Commerce: The Strategic PerspectiveBCcampus; Richard T. Watson; Pierre Berthon; Leyland F. Pitt; George M. Zinkhan
2014English Literature: Victorians and ModernsBCcampus; James Sexton