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Title: Line A: Safe Work Practices Competency A-5: Describe Fire Safety
Authors: Camosun College
British Columbia.Ministry of Technolgy, Innovation and Citizens' Services
BC Open Textbook Project

Rod Lidstone
Keywords: Industrial safety
Fire prevention
Description: As a trades worker you have a responsibility to work safely, and fire prevention is a primary concern. Many of the work tasks you carry out include the application of heat and flame. You should be able to apply fire prevention practices, identify fire causes, and identify and apply fire extinguishing agents to control or extinguish a fire. You are not expected to be an expert firefighter, but you may have to deal with a fire to protect your safety and the safety of others. The following list of lines and competencies was generated with the goal of creating an entry-level trades training resource, while still offering the flexibility for lines to be used as stand-alone books. Line A Books include: A-1 Control Workplace Hazards, A-2 Describe WorkSafeBC Regulations, A-3 Handle Hazardous Materials Safely, A-4 Describe Personal Safety Practices, A-5 Describe Fire Safety.
"Copyright Camosun College"--P. 2.
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