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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Graphic Design and Print Production FundamentalsWayne Collins; Alex Hass; Ken Jeffery; Alan Martin; Roberto Medeiros; Steve Tomljanovic; BCcampus; Graphic Communications Open Textbook Collective
-Greek and Latin Roots: Part I - LatinBCcampus; Peter L. Smith
-Greek and Latin Roots: Part II - GreekBCcampus; Peter Smith
-Handbook of eHealth Evaluation: An Evidence-based ApproachBC Open Textbook Project; University of Victoria; BCcampus; Francis Yin Yee Lau; Craig Kuziemsky
-Human Resources in the Food Service and Hospitality IndustryBCcampus; The British Columbia Cook Articulation Committee; go2HR
-Human Rights in BriefBCcampus; George Clack; United States Department of State Bureau of International Information Programs
-In the Community: An Intermediate Integrated Skills TextbookBCcampus; NorQuest College
-In the Workplace: An Intermediate Integrated Skills TextbookBCcampus; Bow Valley College
-Information SystemsBCcampus; Richard T. Watson
-Introducing MarketingBCcampus; John Burnett
-Introduction to Criminal Investigation: Processes, Practices and ThinkingBCcampus; Justice Institute of British Columbia; Rod Gehl; Darryl Plecas
-Introduction to Logic and Critical ThinkingBCcampus; Matthew J. Van Cleave
-Introduction to Psychology - 1st Canadian EditionBCcampus; Charles Stangor; Jennifer Walinga
-Introduction to Sociology - 2nd Canadian EditionRon McGivern; Nathan Keirns; Eric Strayer; Heather Griffiths; Susan Cody-Rydzewski; Gail Scaramuzzo; Tommy Sadler; Sally Vyain; BCcampus; William Little
2010Introductory Business Statistics with Interactive Spreadsheets: 1st Canadian EditionMohammad Mahbobi; BCcampus; Thomas K. Tiemann
-Introductory Chemistry - 1st Canadian EditionBCcampus; David W. Ball; Jessie A. Key
-Introductory Statistics: SaylorBCcampus; Douglas S. Shafer; Zhiyi Zhang
-Knowing Home: Braiding Indigenous Science with Western Science, Book 1BCcampus; Gloria Snively; Wanosts'a7 Lorna Williams
-LiberteĢBCcampus; Gretchen Angelo
-Line A: Safe Work Practices Competency A-1: Control Workplace HazardsCamosun College; British Columbia.Ministry of Technolgy, Innovation and Citizens' Services; BC Open Textbook Project; BCcampus; Rod Lidstone