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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Literature Reviews for Education and Nursing Graduate StudentsLinda Frederiksen; Sue F. Phelps
-Literature, the Humanities, and HumanityOpen SUNY Textbooks; BCcampus; Theodore L. Steinberg
2015L’Épargne – un bon choix pour soiMarc Bachand; Nicolas Boivin; Nicolas Lemelin
-Macroeconomics: Theory Through ApplicationsBCcampus; Russell Cooper; A. Andrew John
2017Macroeconomics: Theory, Models, and Policy (Lyryx)Lyryx Learning; Douglas Curtis; Ian Irvine
-Mastering Strategic Management: 1st Canadian EditionDave Ketchen; Jeremy Short; David Try; BCcampus; Janice Edwards
-Meat Cutting and Processing for Food ServiceBCcampus; The BC Cook Articulation Committee; go2HR
-MechanicsLight and Matter; BCcampus
2017-08-23Media Innovation and EntrepreneurshipJake Batsell; Geoffrey Graybeal; Mike Green; Mark Poepsel; Jessica Pucci; Ingrid Sturgis; Betty Tsakarestou; Dana Coester; Chris Dell; John Dille; Dalton Dellsperger; Amy Eisman; Francine Hardaway; Coury Turczyn; Georgann Yara; Cindy Royal; Gretchen Macchiarella; Abel Asrat; Rediat Belehu; Hodan Osman; Edited by Michelle Ferrier & Elizabeth Mays
-Media Studies 101Erika Pearson; Sy Taffel; Brett Nicholls; Martina Wengenmeir; Khin-Wee Chen; Hazel Phillips; Collette Snowden; Bernard Madill; Sarah Gallagher; Thelma Fisher; Shah Nister J. Kabir; Maud Ceuterick; Hannah Mettner; Massimiliana Urbano; Jane Ross; Media Texthack Group
-Medicines by DesignBCcampus; National Institute of Health
2018Mes Finances sous ContrôleMarc Bachand; Nicolas Boivin; Nicolas Lemelin
-MicrobiologyBCcampus; Medicine Hat College; Peggy O'Sullivan
2018Microbiology: A Laboratory ExperienceHolly Ahern; Gail E. Rowe
2019-07-23Microbiology: Canadian EditionWendy Keenleyside; Melanie Parlette-Stewart; Allie Fallis; Anne He; Open Stax
-Microbiology: OpenStaxOpenStax; Nina Parker; Mark Schneegurt; Anh­Hue Thi Tu; Brian M. Forster; Philip Lister
-Microeconomics: Markets, Methods & Models (Lyryx)Lyryx Learning; Douglas Curtis; Ian Irvine
-Modern Pastry and Plated Dessert TechniquesThe British Columbia Cook Articulation Committee; BCcampus; The British Columbia Cook Articulation Committee; go2HR
-Modern PhilosophyWalter Ott; Alex Dunn
2018Module d'objectifs et de croissanceAlison Flynn; Flynn Research Group