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Title: Building Science Fundamentals
Authors: Marianne Touchie
Kim Pressnail
Erin Dixon
Keywords: Science Fundamentals
Solar Radiation
Heat Transfer
Issue Date:  18
Description: This on-line course package consists of a set of 7 modules. These modules support the teaching of an introductory course in Building Science for College and University-level students studying Architecture or Engineering. Basic principles and applications of building science including the control of heat, moisture, air movement and solar energy are presented. <br><br> These modules are intended to supplement existing lecture-based course materials. However, given that the course package is comprehensive, the modules could also be used as a substitute for traditional lectures. Whether used as lecture supplements or as a substitute for lectures, instructors are encouraged to support these on-line materials with hands-on tutorial and laboratory activities. To provide feedback for the self-guided learner, a series of knowledge-checks have been provided throughout. <br><br> Four universities and two colleges worked together using a collaborative development approach, fully supported by the Education Technology Office at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (FASE). The University of Toronto, and in particular the FASE, is committed to the development and sustained delivery of open access modules. <br><br> <b> Learning Outcomes: </b> <br><br> The modules are designed to provide students with an understanding of the key concepts of Building Science including how to control heat, air and moisture movement in buildings. Based on supporting numerical calculations, students will learn how to use these concepts to design better buildings.
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