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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Food Safety, Sanitation, and Personal HygieneBritish Columbia Cook Articulation Committee; go2HR
2012forall x : An Introduction to Formal LogicMagnus, P.D.
2016Forest Measurements : An Applied ApproachDeYoung, Joan; Lorna Notsch; Adrianna Sutton
2017-01-01Foundations of Learning and Instructional Design Technology : Historical Roots and Current TrendsWest, Richard E.
2011Français interactifKelton, Karen; Guilloteau, Nancy; Blyth, Carl
2015-12-31From MSA to CA : A Beginner's Guide for Transitioning into Colloquial ArabicGomaa, Lina
2016Fundamentals of BusinessSkripak, Stephen J.; Richard Parsons; Anastasia Cortes; Anita Walz; Brian Craig; Trevor Finney; Jonathan De Pena; Nina Lindsay; Sachi Soni
2018-06-01Fundamentals of Business, Canadian editionBusiness Faculty from Ontario Colleges; eCampusOntario Program Managers
2015Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering IJohnson, Don
2014-10-16Gender and Sexualities : An InquiryDamron, Jason Gary; Reitenauer, Vicki L.
2021General Chemistry for Gee-GeesRoy, Kevin; Zeghal, Mahdi; Thomas, Jessica; Focsaneanu, Kathy-Sarah; Roy, Kevin; Thomas, Jessica; Focsaneanu, Kathy-Sarah; O'Keefe, Geneviève; West, Brandi; Biniam, Nathan; Fraser-Halberg, Derek; Nersesian, Sarah; Pinos, Debbie; Kharbanda, Anupreet; Trepanier, Leanne
2020General Microbiology, 1st editionBruslind, Linda
2012Geographic Information System BasicsJonathan Campbell; Michael Shin
2020Geological Structures : A Practical IntroductionWaldron, John; Snyder, Morgan
2020Getting Organized : Business Organization and Succession Planning for Oregon Family Farms and RanchesAnderson Brekken, Christy; Hobson, Joe; Derek Ostrom
2019-03-31Getting to Know Your International StudentsPage, Christina; Robin Leung; Neet Dhindsa; Tony Yuan; Rishab Sapra; Gurmanpreet Kaur; Lovepreet Kaur Deol
2018Global Corruption : Law, Theory & PracticeFerguson, Gerry
2012-01-01Global Women's Issues : Women in the World Today, extended versionBureau of International Information Programs and United States Department of State; Janni Aragon; Mariel Miller
2016Good Corporation, Bad Corporation : Corporate Social Responsibility in the Global EconomyGuillermo, Jimenez C.; Elizabeth, Pulos
2015Graphic Design and Print Production FundamentalsGraphic Communications Open Textbook Collective; Wayne Collins; Alex Hass; Ken Jeffery; Alan Martin; Roberto Medeiros; Steve Tomljanovic