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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-25#fakenews : A workshop for critical thinkingMacKinnon, Colleen; Mackie, Kyle
2022-02-15The Federalist PapersHamilton, Alexander; Madison, James
2015-08-18Femmes savantes, femmes de science, tome 1Piron, Florence; Clairet, Gabriel; Florence Piron; Émilie Tremblay; André Lemelin; Gabrielle Dumont; Kate McDonnell
2019Femmes savantes, femmes de science, tome 2Piron, Florence; Tremblay, Émilie; Florence Piron; Isabelle Boisvert; Kate McDonnell
2019Fiches fiscales : examen CPABachand, Marc; Boivin, Nicolas; Lemelin, Nicolas
2016-03-22Financial Accounting-
2018-08-31Financial Empowerment : Personal Finance for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous PeopleSchneider, Bettina; Academy, Saylor
2020-07-01Financial ManagementThompson, Dan
2020-01-10Financial Management for Small Businesses : Financial Statements & Present Value ModelsRobison, Lindon; Hanson, Steven; Black, Roy J.; Julie Taylor
2016-09-15Financial Strategy for Public ManagersKioko, Sharon; Marlowe, Justin
2007First Aid for Canada-
2022-03First Year Experience Learning ModulesDel Zotto, Claire; Casola, Natalie; Yakubovskaya, Elizaveta; Darie, Sorin; Bates, Jermin; Russo, Erica; Ramshaw, William; Skelton, Andrew; Felleti, Nicholas; Guttmann, Menachem; Shehtou, Samar; Skelton, Andrew; Demers, Matthew; Pattenden, Tyler; Salmon, Jim
2020-08-31Fit for Online Learning : Your Handbook to Teaching OnlineU of L Teaching Centre; Monteiro Lima, Adriana
2022-02-28Five Practices to Support Math ConsolidationFinney, Neil; Jeethan, Anthony; Zupan, Marla
2022-02-15Flint and FeatherJohnson, Pauline
2022Flipped Labs : Creation of Online Modules to Enhance Student Understanding of Specific Laboratory TechniquesVulcu, Felicia; De Paoli, Monica; Leong, Vivian
2019-01-21FLO Facilitation Guide : Facilitating Learning OnlineCurrie, Sylvia; Riessner, Sylvia; Bennett, Gina; Cougler Blom, Beth; Cheekwan Ho; Josie Gray; Robynne Devine
2022-02-17Fluid Power Trainer SimulatorNoordstra, Gary; Yacknowiec, Dennis; Perras, Tyler; Catallo, Tanya; Perras, Tyler; Chea, Visal
2022FOCUS – Fostering Our Compassion, Understanding and Self-CareStanyon, Wendy; Petrarca, Diana; Atkins, Bridgette; Banit, Mark; Taylor, Dorothy; Thompson, Jill
2014Food Safety, Sanitation, and Personal HygieneBritish Columbia Cook Articulation Committee; go2HR