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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Qu'est-ce que la littératie numérique?A. J. Belshaw, Douglas
2019-06-06Quantitative Methods in R for Biology CourseBonsma-Fisher, Madeleine; Coome, Lindsay; Johnston, Luke; Mahallati, Sara; Östblom, Joel; Sales de Andrade, Elliott; Tran, Lina; Santangelo, James; Hasan, Ahmed; Humphries, Zoe; Hoi, Amber
2017Québec africaine : PortraitsPiron, Florence; Florence Piron; Kate McDonnell; Jane Rixie; Caroline Dufresne; Sarah-Anne Arsenault; Élisabeth Arsenault
2018-02-28Québec arabe : Portraits, tome 1Piron, Florence; Dufresne, Caroline; Gbetnkom, Ibrahim; Arsenault, Sarah-Anne; Hatcher, Dillon; Florence Piron; Kate McDonnell
2018-02-01Québec arabe : Portraits, tome 2Piron, Florence; Florence Piron; Kate McDonnell; Caroline Dufresne; Ibrahim Gbetnkom; Sarah-Anne Arsenault; Dillon Hatcher; Florence Piron
2016-08-16A Quick and Dirty Guide to Art, Music, and CultureFunk, Clayton
2023-06-30A Quick Guide to OER for St. Clair College, 2nd EditionStewart, Irene; Zriachev, Nikolai; Nairn, Brian; Levang, Victoria; Alshannaq, Etap; Prus, Heather; Teare, Jesse; Ramieri, Trevor; Slobodnick, Trevor; Bhatt, Vatsal
2018-04-30Reading Texts : An Interactive WorkshopKwantlen Polytechnic University Learning Centres; Page, Christina
2019-09-27Rebus Community Reports : Insights from OER Project LeadsLangille, Donna; David Szanto
2019Recherche de ressources éducatives libresCollège La Cité
2022Recognizing Responsive BehavioursRitchie, Kim
2020-02-13Red Seal Landscape Horticulturist Identify Plants and Plant RequirementsNakano, Michelle
2020Redesigning Lives : Learning How Space Impacts Residents in Affordable Supportive Housing InitiativesOsborne, Bethany; Pirie, Shannon
2022-05-11Reflective Practice in Early Years EducationThird, Sheryl
2022-02-15The Refugee : or the Narratives of Fugitive Slaves in CanadaDrew, Benjamin
2023Regulations and the Environment : The Canadian EnvironmentTaylor, Tim
2020Rehab Techniques in Oncology WorkbookSteele (PT), Jodi; Jaclyn Chambers Page; Siscoe Boschman
2022-01Relational Databases and Microsoft Access 365McFadyen, Ron
2021-07-26Remote SensingKnudby, Anders
2020Remote Teaching : A Guide for Teaching AssistantsAllen, Meredith; Szozda, Alisha; Kerr, Jeremy; Flynn, Alison