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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Afrocentric Social Work PracticeMfoafo-M’Carthy, Magnus
2022Advancing Racial Equity in OrganizationsCurry-Stevens, Ann; Baksh, Amilah
2022Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Social Work Field EducationZagada, Shella; Al-Adeimi, Yumna; Javed, Humera
2022Moving from Resistance to Understanding in Field Education : Training Social Workers OnlineAl-Adeimi, Yumna; Zagada, Shella; Yavnai, Rachel
2022Interpersonal Anti-RacismBaksh, Amilah; Curry-Stevens, Ann
2022-02-28Arriving at Indigenous Knowledges : Decolonial Approaches for English Language Learners (ELL) (v. 3.0 - October 2023)Wang, Phoebe; Majeed, Michelle; Holmes, Natasha; Reynolds, Adrienne; Bahavar, Sanam; Brancato, Emilie; Freeman, Travis; Carpenter, Sandy; Leroux, Bernard; Pigeon, Julie; Chu, Sarah
2022-02-23Canadian GovernmentCollege, Northern
2022Compétences informationnelles : Principes fondamentauxHemingway, Ann; Lachaîne, Catherine; Dekker, Jennifer; Bélanger, Marc; Côté, Sylvie; Laroche, Jamey; Villeneuve, Marc; Caron, Jeanette
2023Equipping and Empowering Graduate Students with Professional and Lifelong Learning Skills (v. 1.1 - May 2023)Flynn, Alison; Hellemans, Kim; DiLabio, Gino; Thompson, Ashley; Barrette-Ng, Isabelle; Wuetherick, Bradley; Kerr, Jeremy; McMunn, Leah; Cheng, Tiffany; Bourgonje, Connor; Hinch, Isabelle; Pillon, Adam; McPhedran, Sarah; Richard, Gisèlle; Vatandoust, Sima; Caron, Jeanette; Poghosyan, Karine
2023Haudenosaunee Territory Tree Identifier AppMaracle, Katie; Skye, Angel; MacDonald, Trisha; Rowbottom, Nathan; Blanchette, Thomas; Desabrais, Taylor; Lucas, Christina; Chan, Nicholas; Quacquarelli, Luca; Norish, Julia; Murphy, Haiden; Gallo, Nancy; Maracle, Katie; Rowbottom, Nathan; Whitlow, Bonnie; Brooke Johnson, Lindsey