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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Biology, 2nd edition (OpenStax)Clark, Mary Ann; Choi, Jung; Douglas, Matthew; Kathleen Berlyn; Bridgett Brinton; Jennifer Chase; Amy Hoffman; Olga Kopp; Jennifer Larson; Jason Locklin; Hongmei Ma; Melissa Masse; Shannon McDermott; Bryan Monesson-Olson; Amber Reece; Monique Reed,; Jeffrey Roberts; Matthew Smith; Dawn Wankowski
2020Agribusiness Management 101Rossman, William
2016Personal HealthHofer, Amy; Limbrunner-Bartlett, Valerie; Leavitt, Alissa; Rochelle, Shari; Katter, Rachelle; Meagher, Michael; Grenier, Sasha; Veeman, Toni; Johnson, Glenn; Lampson, Eldon
2020Introduction to Technology Stewardship for Agricultural Extension and Advisory ServicesGow, Gordon; Helen Hambly Odame; Uvasara Dissanayeke; Udith Jayasinghe-Mudalige; Rob McMahon; Nuwan Waidayantha; Chandana Jayathilake
2020Ecology : Population Growth | Croissance des populationsPerin, Sofia; Teaching and Learning Support Service (TLSS) | Service d'appui à l'enseignement et à l'apprentissage (SAEA)
2018-08-20Drugs, Health & BehaviorSchwab, Jacqueline
2018Permaculture Design : Tools for Climate ResilienceMilison, Andrew
2018Microbiology : A Laboratory ExperienceAhern, Holly; Gail E. Rowe
2020-08-04Building a Medical Terminology FoundationCarter, Kimberlee; Rutherford, Marie; Holly Ashbourne; Ellen Dilgert; Sheila Bellefeuille; Connie Stevens; Catherine Statton; Shanta Doobay; Kadeem Sampath; Saeedeh Akram; Jennifer Ethier; Tiffany Hunt; Heather Scudder; Gisele Tuzon; Alyssa Arsenault
2019Marine Law and Policy for Scientists and Managers, 1st editionCampbell, Holly V.