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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017The Word on College Reading and WritingOpen Oregon Pressbooks; Monique Babin; Carol Burnell; Susan Pesznecker; Nicole Rosevear; Jaime Wood
-Principles of Sociological Inquiry: Qualitative and Quantitative MethodsSaylor Foundation; Amy Blackstone
2018Education and Career Planning Open CourseMary Shier; Allison Schubert; BCcampus
2017-06-26Principles of Social Psychology: 1st International EditionBCcampus; Charles Stangor; Rajiv Jhangiani; Hammond Tarry
2017-08-23Media Innovation and EntrepreneurshipJake Batsell; Geoffrey Graybeal; Mike Green; Mark Poepsel; Jessica Pucci; Ingrid Sturgis; Betty Tsakarestou; Dana Coester; Chris Dell; John Dille; Dalton Dellsperger; Amy Eisman; Francine Hardaway; Coury Turczyn; Georgann Yara; Cindy Royal; Gretchen Macchiarella; Abel Asrat; Rediat Belehu; Hodan Osman; Edited by Michelle Ferrier & Elizabeth Mays
2018College Skills: Intermediate EnglishTania Pattison
2018-10-22Blueprint for Success in College: Career Decision MakingDave Dillon; Linda Bruce Hill; Alise Lamoreaux; Phyllis Nissila; Thomas C. Priester
2018-07-01Blueprint for Success in College: Indispensable Study Skills and Time Management StrategiesDave Dillon; Linda Bruce Hill; Alise Lamoreaux; Phyllis Nissila; Thomas Priester
2018-06-13Introduction to Professional CommunicationsMelissa Ashman
-Global Women's Issues: Women in the World Today, extended versionJanni Aragon; Mariel Miller; Bureau of International Information Programs and United States Department of State