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Title: Virtual field trip to the Whitefish Falls area, ON, Canada : a virtual geological journey through the deformed rocks of the Huronian Supergroup and nearby igneous intrusions
Authors: Peace, Alexander
Gabriel, Jeremy
Eyles, Carolyn
Keywords: Society & Social Sciences
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2021
Citation: Peace, A. L., Gabriel, J. & Eyles, C. (2021). Virtual field trip to the Whitefish Falls area, ON, Canada. Virtual field trip to the Whitefish Falls area, ON, Canada © 2021 by Alexander Peace, Carolyn Eyles and Jeremy Gabriel is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
Abstract: This openly available virtual field trip (VFT) focuses on the Huronian rocks at Whitefish Falls, near Manitoulin Island, Ontario. Here, we examine a rock record spanning more than 2 billion years of Earth’s history. This multimedia VFT combines 3D imagery, georeferenced data on integrated maps, and multi-scale imagery (outcrop plus thin section images). The Whitefish Falls VFT comprises 5 parts, each focusing on a slightly different topic. The following topics are introduced: the regional geological setting, key lithologies, concepts of geological field mapping, stratigraphic analysis of outcrops, and the identification, documentation, and interpretation of geological structures in the field.
Funded by the McMaster University OER Grant 2020-21.
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