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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Book Clubs in Academic Libraries : A Case Study and ToolkitJacobsen Kiciman, Johanna; Bull, Alaina C.; Whitney, Kari
2018-06-22Building Maintenance & Construction : Tools and Maintenance Tasks (Interactive)Rutherford, Clifford; Rutherford, Clifford; Kevan, Jonathan
2018-01-01The Laws of Settlement : 54 Laws Underlying Settlements Across Scale and CultureVillagomez, Erick
2019-12-03Writing Fabulous FeaturesKraft, Nicole; Grant, Herb; Rahe, Jake; Varda, Zach
2019-06Keys to Understanding the Middle East : Diverse PerspectivesPayind, Alam; McClimans, Melinda; Cooke, Danielle; Miller, Ashley; Shiflet, Michael; Parker, Tyler
2018-09-04Message Processing : The Science of Creating UnderstandingGasiorek, Jessica; Aune, R. Kelly
2018-04-25Atlas of Renal Lesions in Proteinuric DogsCianciolo, Rachel; Brown, Cathy; Mohr, Charles; Nabity, Mary; Van der Lugt, Jaco; McLeland, Shannon; Aresu, Luca; Benali, Silvia; Spangler, Bill; Amerman, Hayley; Lees, George; Cianciolo, Rachel; Brovida, Claudio; Cowgill, Larry; Foster, JD; Heiene, Reidun; Lees, George; Polzin, David; Syme, Harriet (Hattie); Vaden, Shelly; van Dongen, Astrid
2018Digital Photography for Graphic CommunicationsAdams, Richard; el Asaleh, Reem; Habekost, Martin; Lisi, Jason; Seto, Art
2018The Art of Serious Game Design : A Hands-On Workshop for Developing Educational Games – Facilitator guideDigital Education Strategies at The Chang School of Continuing Education
2019-11-04Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made Easy : Essential Skills for Web Developers, Content Creators, and DesignersEducation Strategies, Digital; Chang School, The; Gay, Greg; Ricablanca, Pauline