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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02Tools and Resources for CapstoneMcEachern Gaudet, Amanda; Collins, Mackenzie; Kuriakose, Noopa; Patel, Shreya; Sharma, Divya; Hedrick, Adele; Aultman, Andrew; Marsh, Steve; Dutka, Travis; McTavish, Heather; Vorstenbosch, Jacob; Meeks, Krista; West, Liz; Howe, Molly; Weese, Robert
2022-02-28Introduction to Field PlacementJones, Melanie; Andrew, Rhett; Baker-Robinson, Amanda
2022-04-01Modules in Advancing Intercultural Competence for Global LearnersLópez-Rocha, Sacha; Arévalo-Guerrero, Elisabeth; Geer, Sacha; d’Gama Rose, Aliyah; Batiot, Maxime; Nolette, Nicole
2022-02-25Teaching with Simulation - Play and LearnBrock, Michael; Ayres, Stephanie; Schlachta, Christopher; Cherry, Richard; Wang, Peter; McDonald, Colin; Brock, Michael; Ayres, Stephanie; Schulz, Valerie; Machado, Yuri; Leeper, Rob; Sumpter, Scott; Bereznick, Gregg; Husarewych, Larissa
2022-02-25Indigenous Teaching & LearningThomas-Wilson, Hailey; Jonathan, Stevie; Grey, Sam; Sandy, Derek; Jamieson, Nathan; Jamieson, Rebecca; Bomberry, Lisa
2022Upskilling Graduates for Success : Fostering Inclusivity in Workplaces and CommunitiesIvanov, Sanja; Bowie, Cheryl; Doyle, Becky; Pilon, Alexander; Mutti, Sunny; Cork, Stephanie; KnowledgeNow Inc
2022-02-28Udeh Auteur : Assistant pédagogique en ligne de l’UdeH (v.1 Release Candidate)Alfieri, Olivier; Bekhradi, Alexandre; Alfieri, Olivier; Bekhradi, Alexandre; St-Pierre, Janik; Somé, Yves; Bouchard, Pierre; Tremblay, Émilie; Couture, Josianne; Bedard, Marc
2022-02-28Building Community : Introduction to Equity, Diversity, and InclusionOffice of Diversity and Human Rights, University of Guelph
2022-03-31The Art of Career NavigationLatham, Kerri; Latham, Kerri; D'Amato, Danielle; D'Amato, Danielle; Lombardo, Chris; Silverstein, Alexis; El Chaer, Dana
2022-02-22Supporting the Transfer of Learning in BusinessesWatters, Mikele; Watters, Mikele; Baloch, Qais; Winterburn, Lianne