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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Launching the Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS) : The Call, The Response, and the ResultsResearch and Foresight, eCampusOntario
2022-06-15Launching the Second Round of the Virtual Learning Strategy : Expanding the capacity and quality of virtual learningResearch, and Foresight eCampusOntario
2022-12-02La deuxième cycle de la Stratégie d'apprentissage virtuel : Cocréer un enseignement postsecondaire de conception numériqueResearch and Foresight eCampusOntario
2022-06-15Lancement du deuxième cycle de la Stratégie d'apprentissage virtuel : Accroître la capacité et la qualité de l'apprentissage virtuelResearch and Foresight eCampusOntario
2022-12-02The Second Round of the Virtual Learning Strategy : Co-creating Digital-by-Design Postsecondary EducationResearch and Foresight eCampusOntario
2023-01-24the ADHDe projectGill, Nadia; Marie, Rame; Gagnon, Cherie; Gomez, Anthony; Plumb, Erin; Amato, Keira; Louie Ryu, Seokhyun; Vetere, Joshua; Kustra, Erika; O'Neil, Ashlyne
2023-02-23Immersive Virtual Reality for Self-Management of Stress & Anxiety: Pilot Test and EvaluationArchibald, Douglas; Puncher, Jeffrey; Venables, Maddie; Duval, Marisa; Howes, Daniel; MacKay, Natalka; Waldron, Michael; Kilby, David; Beare, Richard; Greco, Sarah; Braund, Heather; Haykal, Kay-Anne; St-Jean, Mireille; Cheng, Michael; Sekhavati, Pooyan; Sanchez-Campos, Millaray; Pallavicini, Federica
2023-03-01Encouraging Faculty Development Through Micro-CredentialingO'Neill, Lisa; Koster, Rhonda; Caroll, Heather; Maher, Pat; Jamieson, David; Brockerhoff-Macdonald, Bettina; Singh, Shantala
2023Increasing Accessibility in Healthcare Service Delivery for Persons with Vision LossFoster, Julia; Lysaght, Rosemary; Ardell, Kristi Lee; Barker, Michael; Bell, Sandra; Bourdeau, Karoline; Burger, Rachel; Cox, Lori; Davis, Gillian; Haan, Jess De; Dykstra, Lindsay; Farah, Nayla; Felix, Jonathan; Ferzli, Serena; Foster, Julia; Graham, Jayne; Gregorio, Jarod; Grieve, Sheila; Hambleton, Katherine; Hammond, Blessing; Hariharan, Janushan; Hildebrandt, Emma; Hodge, Reginald; Horton, Will; Kessler, Dorothy; Lysaght, Rosemary; McGrath, Colleen; Mulder, Jeanne; Paulino, Cindy; Priddle, Hannah; Shearer, Natalie; Sherman, Haley; Sheth, Sonali; Smiley, Douglas; Sparks, Stephen; Taylor, Kyla; Walmsely, Dan; Whelpdale, Tanya; Yale, Marcia; Sukhai, Mahadeo; Guolla, Teresa
2023-02-15An Introduction to Anti-Black Racism for the Nursing Professional: A focus on Anti-Black RacismPrendergast, Nadia; Lapum, Jennifer; Bailey, Annette; Boakye, Priscilla; Myrie, Zeneth; Pingal, Karen; Adegbola, Adedayo; Andrew, Alexis; Savicevic, Nada; Cosgrove, Caitlin; Garmaise-Yee, Joy; Awal, Fabliha; Ranieri, Victoria; Barakati, Seyedeh-Samin; Callahan, Sheilagh; Onwudegwu, Ava; MacEachern, Diane; Prendergast, Nadia; Lewis, Lathania; Hariharan, Branavi; Ahmed, Sarah; Staither, Claire; Salami, Sharon