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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Every Teacher is a Language Teacher, Volume 2 : Social Justice and Equity through Language EducationMasson, Mimi; Elsherief, Heba; Adatia, Shelina
2022Origins of Contemporary Art, Design, and InteriorsLorraine Fraser, Jennifer; Lorraine Fraser, Jennifer; Wifi, Dr. Mariam; Hamilton, Jenn; Poulter, Wilson; Anderson, Megan
2023-02-28Advanced Research Skills : Conducting Literature and Systematic Reviews (2nd Edition)Dermody, Kelly; Farnum, Cecile; Jakubek, Daniel; Petropoulos, Jo-Anne; Schmidt, Jane; Steinberg, Reece; Ihdego, Bethel; Ahmed, Mariam
2023-11-23Les tendances en matière d’apprentissage par l’expérience en français en 2023Krasznai, Andrea
2023French Experiential Learning Trends in 2023Krasznai, Andrea
2022-02-28Arriving at Indigenous Knowledges : Decolonial Approaches for English Language Learners (ELL) (v. 3.0 - October 2023)Wang, Phoebe; Majeed, Michelle; Holmes, Natasha; Reynolds, Adrienne; Bahavar, Sanam; Brancato, Emilie; Freeman, Travis; Carpenter, Sandy; Leroux, Bernard; Pigeon, Julie; Chu, Sarah
2021-09Canadian Settlement in Action : History and FutureCaldararu, Alexandru; Clements, Julie; Gayle, Rennais; Hamer, Christina; MacMinn Varvos, Maria; Sutankayo, Lynn; Vergara, Oscar; Oswald, Suzanne; Caldararu, Alexandru; Sutankayo, Lynn; Ilott, Wendy; Dela Cruz, Rosalia; Murray, Rodger; Fournier, Mitch; Hardie, Rebecca; Chambers, Wendy; Lawson, Robert; Carrière, Nicholle; Farah, Rahma
2022-03-01MacPFD Spark Podcast Transcription ProjectChan, Teresa; Chan, Teresa; Langley, Kate
2023Equipping and Empowering Graduate Students with Professional and Lifelong Learning Skills (v. 1.1 - May 2023)Flynn, Alison; Hellemans, Kim; DiLabio, Gino; Thompson, Ashley; Barrette-Ng, Isabelle; Wuetherick, Bradley; Kerr, Jeremy; McMunn, Leah; Cheng, Tiffany; Bourgonje, Connor; Hinch, Isabelle; Pillon, Adam; McPhedran, Sarah; Richard, Gisèlle; Vatandoust, Sima; Caron, Jeanette; Poghosyan, Karine
2022The Art of Change (CMTYENGA 3A03) Course MaterialsHeidebrecht, Dave; Kay, Randy; Yadav, Ananya; Menezes, Julia