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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Different Road To College : A Guide For Transitioning To College For Non-traditional StudentsLamoreaux, Alise
2020-05-01Technology Tools for Teaching in Higher Education : The Practical Handbook SeriesFerns, Shaun; Cappon, Amanda; Duff, Ana; Marshall, Ashley; Ryan, Barry; Thompson, Barry; Ferguson, Caroline; Deegan, Catherine; MacMahon, Cormac; McCormick-Brighton, Corrine; Gray, Geraldine; Brunton, Ginny; Kochhar, Gurpaul; Leckey, Heather; Christie, Jordanne; MacMillan, Joseph; Carter, Kathryn; Dougherty, Kevin; Chumbley, Lillian; Keyes, Mark; Evans, Michael; Guy, Michael; Mouton, Michelle; Kowalskyj, Natasha; Duffy, Nicola; Bulakh, Olga; Dervan, Paul; Rooney, Pauline; Liscano, Ramiro; Elkington, Rob; Hickey, Robert; Coombs, Sarah; Stokes, Sarah; Hosseini, Ali Sayyed; Webb, Shannon; Wakelin, Tanya; Stamatopoulos, Vivian; Mazaheri, Samaneh; Dodd, Derek; Guy, Michael; Cudmore, Ian; Shaun Ferns; Jordanne Christie; Caroline Ferguson; Nicola Duffy; Shaun Ferns
2020-07-20Enseigner en ligne par le jeu : Un livre de recettesBeaulieu, Elaine; Boutet, Mish; Bowker, Lynne; Burelli, Thomas; Carnegie, Jackie; |Lillo, Alexandre; MacDonald, David; Montpetit, Colin; Ousko, Steven
2020-07-20Using Game-Based Learning Online : A Cookbook of RecipesBeaulieu, Elaine; Boutet, Mish; Bowker, Lynne; Burelli, Thomas; Carnegie, Jackie; Lillo, Alexandre; MacDonald, David; Montpetit, Colin; Ousko, Steven
2020Educational Psychology Library Lab Manual : An Introduction to Searching UAlberta Library Sources of InformationLacroix, Denis
2020Interdisciplinary Studies : A Connected Learning ApproachDeRosa, Robin
2020Exploring Physical Phenomena : What happens when light from the Sun shines on the Earth?van Zee, Emily; Gire, Elizabeth; Derek Ostrom
2020-12-28Ethical Use of Technology in Digital Learning Environments : Graduate Student PerspectivesBrown, Barbara; Roberts, Verena; Jacobsen, Michele; Hurrell, Christie; Kerr, Kourtney; van Streun, Heather; Neutzling, Nicole; Lowry, Jeff; Zarkovic, Simo; Ansorger, Jennifer; Marles, Terri; Lockyer, Emma; Parthenis, Dean; Neutzling, Nicole; Barbara Brown; Verena Roberts; Michele Jacobsen; Christie Hurrell; Mia Travers-Hayward
2020Programmes d'étude et ressources autorisées : Savoir les trouver à la bibliothèque de l'Université de l'AlbertaLacroix, Denis; cgareaubrennan
2020Remote teaching : A practical guide with tools, tips, and techniquesFlynn, Alison; Kerr, Jeremy