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Title: Exploring Physical Phenomena : What happens when light from the Sun shines on the Earth?
Authors: van Zee, Emily
Gire, Elizabeth
Derek Ostrom
Keywords: Physics
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Oregon State University
Abstract: This textbook is intended for use in laboratory-centered physics courses for prospective and practicing elementary and middle school teachers. By exploring physical phenomena in class, participants learn science in ways in which they are expected to teach science. The emphasis is upon questioning, predicting, exploring, observing, discussing, reading, and writing about what one thinks and why. This textbook also is appropriate for use in general science courses that explore some of the physical phenomena underlying global climate change. In addition, organizations such as museums, youth groups, or senior citizen programs may find one or more units a feasible framework for offering extended science learning experiences to the public during workshops and/or special events. Some of the activities also could form the basis for on-going exhibits.
The text assumes that the participants will be working at tables in small groups rather than sitting in rows listening to lectures. However, the course has been adapted for remote learning. Most of the equipment involves everyday materials available in homes, schools, and offices. Regular bulb thermometers can be substituted for the digital temperature probes described in the text. Participants can use a cell phone app to measure reflectivity if they do not have light sensors. Those without access to motion detectors can use the graphs provided in the text to learn about the phenomena explored with these devices.
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