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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Supporting Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities & Mental Illness : What Caregivers Need to KnowMelrose, Sherri; Dusome, Debra; Simpson, John; Crocker, Cheryl; Athens, Elizabeth
2016Discover Psychology 2.0 : A Brief Introductory TextBiswas-Diener, Robert; Diener, Ed
2020Evidence-Based Massage Therapy : A Guide for Clinical PracticeLebert, Richard
2020-06-04Disabilities in Haitian Schools : Preliminary results of a research project in southern Haiti in the aftermath of Hurricane MatthewRochambeau Lainy; Kate McDonnell; David Tézil; Tabitha Wilbur; Kate McDonnell; Danielo Saint-Cyr; Vijonet Déméro; Stéphanie Florvil; Pierre Edher Gédéon; Louis-Pierre Janvier; Samuel Regulus; Danielo Saint-Cyr; Nelson Sylvestre; Nathalis Wamba
2019-09-16Réflexivité(s) : Livre liquide issu de l'expérience des Espaces réflexifsFaury, Mélodie; Paveau, Marie-Anne; Florence Piron; Mélodie Faury; Elena Azofra; Raphaële Bertho; Yann Cantin; Morwenna Coquelin; Sarah Cordonnier; Oriane Deseilligny; Quentin Deluermoz; Mélodie Faury; Julie Henry; Philippe Hert; Baudouin Jurdant; Benoît Kermoal; Gaëlle Labarta; Joëlle Le Marec; Marie Ménoret; Stéphanie Messal; Léonie Métangmo-Tatou; Marie-Anne Paveau; Anne Piponnier; Claire Placial; Martine Sonnet; Kate McDonnell; Raphaële Bertho
2018-08-20Drugs, Health & BehaviorSchwab, Jacqueline
2020Educational Psychology Library Lab Manual : An Introduction to Searching UAlberta Library Sources of InformationLacroix, Denis
2020-02-01The Balance of PersonalityAllen, Chris
2020-05-06Introduction to Applied Statistics for Psychology StudentsSarty, Gordon E.; Osama Bataineh
2019-01-01Introduction to Psychology Study GuideMurray, Sarah