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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Technical Writing EssentialsLast, Suzan; Candice Neveu; Monika Smith
2016Writing for Strategic Communication IndustriesRoberts, Jasmine
2015Professional Communications OER : Modules 1-4 - OveriewOlds College OER Development Team
2022-02-28Tech Adapt: Emerging Technologies and Canadian Professional ContextsAbboud, Victoria; Nagarajan, Amreeth; Surendran, Sumisha; Raveendran, Rahul; Cormier, David; Paesano, Mikayla; Poulin, Madelyn; Carnevale, Patrick; Bhavsar, Harsh; Winchestor, Trevor
2022-02-15Comment bien communiquer : Une introduction à la vulgarisation scientifiqueFong, Alexis; Bouchard, Sabine; Fong, Alexis; Bouchard, Sabine; St-Pierre, Christine; Laberge, Martine; Mantha, Cassandra
2022-02-28Learning to be Human TogetherGreene, Terry; Maher, Patrick; Baker, Nick; Mommertz, Kristen; Treviranus, Jutta; Curry Jahnke, Jennifer; Mitchell, Jess; Hilditch, Jaime; Carroll, Heather; Bhavsar, Harsh; Forsythe, Giulia; Rawle, Fiona; Cormier, Dave; Stewart, Bonnie; Spence, Rachel; Rawle, Fiona; Hilditch, Jaime; Treviranus, Jutta; Mitchell, Jess; Forsythe, Giulia; Greene, Terry; Sawhney, Arjun
2015Professional Communications OER : Module 3 - PresentationsOlds College OER Development Team
2015Professional Communications OER : Module 1 - FoundationsOlds College OER Development Team
2022Haunting Our Biases : Using Participatory Theatre to Interrupt Implicit BiasHobbs, Kevin; Ganesh, Nadia; O'Keefe-McCarthy, Sheila; Norris, Joe; Howe, Sandy; Michaelson, Valerie; Metz, Michael Martin; Mirror Theatre
2015Professional Communications OER : Module 2 - WritingOlds College OER Development Team