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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06-0112 Key Ideas : An Introduction to Teaching OnlineCormier, Dave; O'Neil, Ashlyne
2020Remote teaching : A practical guide with tools, tips, and techniquesFlynn, Alison; Kerr, Jeremy
2020Student-Centered Learning : Subversive Teachers and Standardized WorldsRangachari, P.K.; Johnson, Rosalyn
2020Remote Teaching : A Guide for Teaching AssistantsAllen, Meredith; Szozda, Alisha; Kerr, Jeremy; Flynn, Alison
2020-05-01Technology Tools for Teaching in Higher Education : The Practical Handbook SeriesFerns, Shaun; Cappon, Amanda; Duff, Ana; Marshall, Ashley; Ryan, Barry; Thompson, Barry; Ferguson, Caroline; Deegan, Catherine; MacMahon, Cormac; McCormick-Brighton, Corrine; Gray, Geraldine; Brunton, Ginny; Kochhar, Gurpaul; Leckey, Heather; Christie, Jordanne; MacMillan, Joseph; Carter, Kathryn; Dougherty, Kevin; Chumbley, Lillian; Keyes, Mark; Evans, Michael; Guy, Michael; Mouton, Michelle; Kowalskyj, Natasha; Duffy, Nicola; Bulakh, Olga; Dervan, Paul; Rooney, Pauline; Liscano, Ramiro; Elkington, Rob; Hickey, Robert; Coombs, Sarah; Stokes, Sarah; Hosseini, Ali Sayyed; Webb, Shannon; Wakelin, Tanya; Stamatopoulos, Vivian; Mazaheri, Samaneh; Dodd, Derek; Guy, Michael; Cudmore, Ian; Shaun Ferns; Jordanne Christie; Caroline Ferguson; Nicola Duffy; Shaun Ferns
2020Enseignement à distance : un guide pratique avec des outils, techniques, et suggestionsFlynn, Alison; Kerr, Jeremy
2020Engaging Students Series ResourcesTeaching and Learning with Technology, Pennsylvania State University
2020-12-15Copyright for University Instructors and StaffCanadian Association of Research Libraries; Amanda Wakaruk; Ann Ludbrook; Anne Pottier; Christina Winter; Dan Sich; Heather Martin; Kathryn Blair; Mark Swartz; Rowena Johnson; Stephanie Boulogne; Stephanie Orfano; Stephen Park; Thomas Rouleau; Tom Adam; Margo Trueblood; Giulia Forsythe
2020Online Course Design for Humans - A WorkbookTrent Online
2020-07-03Enseignement à distance : un guide pour les assistantes et assistants d’enseignementAllen, Meredith; Szozda, Alisha; Kerr, Jeremy; Flynn, Alison