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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-10Applications of LinkedIn Learning in Ontario's Post-Secondary InstitutionseCampusOntario; Anne-Marie Taylor; Amanda Baker Robinson; Sheida Shahi; Moien Giashi; Lena Patterson; Kevin Gingerich; Ashley Marshall; Jennifer Rouse Barbeau; Erik Nevland; Christopher Kosloski; Brittany Starkman; Brandon Carson
2018Communication at WorkeCampusOntario; Jordan Smith; Marieke Kalkhove
2018-04-03Communication for Business ProfessionalseCampusOntario; David Simon; Michelle Grimes; Shauna Roch
2018-11-06Digital Accessibility as a Business PracticeGreg Gay; Frank Miller; Christopher West; eCampusOntario; Digital Education Strategies, The Chang School
2018Historical and Contemporary Realities: Movement Towards ReconciliationeCampusOntario; Susan Manitowabi; Bettina Brockerhoff-Macdonald; Joël Dickinson; Adam Babin; Anissa Goupil
2019Introductory Animal PhysiologyeCampusOntario; Sanja Hinic-Frlog; Jessica Hanley; Nagham Adbalahad; Simone Laughton
2018Multimeters 101: Basic Operation, Care and Maintenance and Advanced Troubleshooting for the Skilled TradeseCampusOntario; Brent Phifer
2018Neuroscience: Canadian 1st EditioneCampusOntario; Dr William Ju; Alexandra Santos; Amy Freeman; Emerson Daniele
2018Pop-up Retail Strategies in an Omnichannel ContexteCampusOntario; Hong Yu; Sean Sedlezky; Ken Wong; Tony Hernandez; Pauline Larsen; Gay Stephenson
2019-09-01Professional Communications: A Common Approach to Work-place WritingBrian Dunphy; Andrew Stracuzzi; Jordan Smith; Melissa Ashman; eCampusOntario
2018-06-15Professional Web Accessibility Auditing Made EasyeCampusOntario; Digital Education Strategies, The Chang School; Greg Gay
-Résumer, synthétiser, argumentereCampusOntario; Sylvie Clamageran; Henriette Gezundhajt
-Vital Sign Measurement Across the Lifespan - 1st Canadian editioneCampusOntario; Jennifer L. Lapum; Margaret Verkuyl; Wendy Garcia; Oona St-Amant; Andy Tan
2019-02-28Web Accessibility for DeveloperseCampusOntario; Digital Education Strategies, The Chang School; Pauline Ricablanca; Greg Gay; Igor Karasyov
2018-03-31Web Design PrimereCampusOntario; Richard Adams; Ahmed Sagarwala; Eleanor Beale; Humaira Imtiyaz; Reuben Kiblitsky; Shelly Sicat
2018-08-23Write Here, Right Now: An Interactive Introduction to Academic Writing and Research AuthorseCampusOntario; Aaron Tucker; Paul Chafe; Kari Maaren