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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Digital FoundationsBurrough, Xtine; Mandiber, Michael; Free Software Foundation
2011Algorithms and Data StructuresNievergelt, Jurg; Hinrichs, Klaus; Global Textbook Project
2011Introducing MarketingBurnett, John
2011Français interactifKelton, Karen; Guilloteau, Nancy; Blyth, Carl
2012The NGO HandbookBinder-Aviles, Hilary; Bureau of International Information Programs
2012eMarketing : The Essential Guide to Online MarketingStokes, Rob
2012An Introduction to Nutrition[Author removed at request of original publisher]
2012Introduction to PsychologyStangor, Charles
2012Research Methods in Psychology, 1st edition-
2012College Physics (OpenStax)Urone, Paul Peter; Hinrichs, Roger; Kim Dirks; Manjula Sharma
2012Understanding Media and CultureLule, Jack
2012LibertéAngelo, Gretchen
2012forall x : An Introduction to Formal LogicMagnus, P.D.
2012Organic Chemistry with a Biological EmphasisSoderberg, Timothy
2012Geographic Information System BasicsJonathan Campbell; Michael Shin
2012-01-01Global Women's Issues : Women in the World Today, extended versionBureau of International Information Programs and United States Department of State; Janni Aragon; Mariel Miller
2012-12-29Principles of Social PsychologyStangor, Charles
2013Modern PhilosophyOtt, Walter; Dunn, Alex
2013Precalculus : Stitz ZeagerStitz, Carl; Zeager, Jeff
2013Electronic Commerce : The Strategic PerspectiveWatson, Richard T.; Berthon, Pierre; Pitt, Leyland F.; Zinkhan, George M.