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Title: Global Women's Issues : Women in the World Today, extended version
Authors: Bureau of International Information Programs and United States Department of State
Janni Aragon
Mariel Miller
Keywords: Women
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2012
Abstract: Global Women's Issues and the Beijing Platform for Action. This book is based on the 12 critical areas of concern identified at the Beijing Conference: The persistent and increasing burden of poverty on women. -- Inequalities and inadequacies in and unequal access to education and training. -- Inequalities and inadequacies in and unequal access to health care and related services. -- Violence against women. -- The effects of armed or other kinds of conflict on women, including those living under foreign occupation. -- Inequality in economic structures and policies, in all forms of productive activities and in access to resources. -- Inequality between men and women in the sharing of power and decision- making at all levels. -- Insufficient mechanisms at all levels to promote the advancement of women. -- Lack of respect for and inadequate promotion and protection of the human rights of women. -- Stereotyping of women and inequality in women's access to and participation in all communication systems, especially in the media. -- Gender inequalities in the management of natural resources and in the safeguarding of the environment. -- Persistent discrimination against and violation of the rights of the girl child.
Available in Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish.
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