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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018College Skills: Intermediate EnglishTania Pattison
2015-12-04College Success[Authors removed at request of original publisher]
2017Combinatorics: Enumeration, Graph Theory, and Design TheoryJoy Morris
2018Communication at WorkeCampusOntario; Jordan Smith; Marieke Kalkhove
2018-04-03Communication for Business ProfessionalseCampusOntario; David Simon; Michelle Grimes; Shauna Roch
-Communication TheoryBCcampus; Wikibooks; Charles Berger; Richard Calabrese; Jacques Ellul; Theodor Adorno; Max Horkheimer; Habermas; Roland Barthes; Walter Ong; Niklas Luhmann; Manuel Castells
2019The Complete Subjective Health AssessmentJennifer L. Lapum; Oona St-Amant; Michelle Hughes; Paul Petrie; Sherry Morrell; Sita Mistry
-Complexités, Capacités, Communautés: Changer le discours sur le développement dans l’éducation, la protection et le développement de la petite enfanceBCcampus; Alan R. Pence; Allison Benner
-Complexities, Capacities, Communities: Changing Development Narratives in Early Childhood Education, Care, and DevelopmentBCcampus; Alan R. Pence; Allison Benner
2019-08-28Composition and Literature: A Handbook and AnthologyJames Sexton; Derek Soles
-Concept Development Studies in Chemistry: OpenStaxOpenStax; John S. Hutchinson
2015Concepts of Biology: 1st Canadian EditionBCcampus; Camosun College; Charles Molnar; Jane Gair
-Concepts of Biology: OpenStaxMark Belk; Lisa Boggs; Sherryl Broverman; David Byres; Aaron Cassill; Karen Champ; Bernie Marcus; Elizabeth Nash; Ann Paterson; Lynn Rumfelt; Brian Shmaefsky; Anh-Hue Tu; Elena Zoubina; OpenStax; Samantha Fowler; Rebecca Roush; James Wise
2019Conformité Fiscale des Particuliers et des Entreprises Tome IMarc Bachand; Nicolas Boivin; Nicolas Lemelin
2019Conformité Fiscale des Particuliers et des Entreprises Tome IIMarc Bachand; Nicolas Boivin; Nicolas Lemelin
2019Confronting Canadian Migration HistoryDaniel Ross; Camille Robert; Marie-Laurence Rho; Stephanie Bangarth; Sonya De Laat; Andrea Eidinger; Laura Madokoro; Jan Raska; Benjamin Hoy; Ryan McKenney; Benjamin Bryce; Michael Akladios; Sarah Carter; Edward Dunsworth; Laura Ishiguro; David Atkinson; Aitana Guia; Franca Iacovetta; Karen Dubinsky
2018-06-22Creating Online Learning Experiences: A Brief Guide to Online Courses, from Small and Private to Massive and OpenMaha Al-Freih; Maha Bali; Autumm Caines; Chris Gilliard; Rebecca Hogue; Whitney Kilgore; Michelle Reed; Sarah Saraj; George Siemens; Matt Croslin; Rebecca Heiser; Katerina Riviou; Brett Benham; Justin Dellinger; Amber Patterson; Peggy Semingson; Catherine Spann; Brittany Usman; Harriet Watkins
-Creative Clinical Teaching in the Health ProfessionsBCcampus; Sherri Melrose; Caroline Park; Beth Perry
-Cross Connection Control for Plumbing and Piping Trades: Plumber Apprenticeship Program Level 3BCcampus; Richard V. Mawle
-Database Design - 2nd EditionBCcampus; Adrienne Watt; Nelson Eng