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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-15The OdysseyHomer; Cowper, William
2022-02-15Oedipus at ColonusSophocles; Storr, Francis
2022-02-15Oedipus RexSophocles; Francis, Storr
2021OER @ Niagara College : A Quickstart Guide for FacultyChambers Page, Jaclyn; Boschman, Siscoe
2018-02-20OER by Discipline GuideAesoph, Lauri M.; Gray, Josie
2019-10-20OER by Discipline Guide : McMaster UniversityKehoe, Joanne; Perkovic, Olga; Lauri Aesoph; Josie Gray
2021-06-01OER by Discipline Guide : University of Ottawa (v. 1.0 – June 2021)Brunet, Mélanie
2022-06-20OER by Discipline Guide : University of Ottawa (Version 2.0 - June 2022)Brunet, Mélanie; Lachaîne, Catherine
2017OER MythbustingSPARC
2017OER Research ToolkitHilton III, John; Wiley, David; Fischer, Lane; Nyland, Rob
2016-05-26OER Student ToolkitMunro, Daniel; Omassi, Jenna; Yano, Brady
2017OER Toolkit for Trades Instructors : Adopting an Open Education Resource & Integrating It into a Trades CourseDonner, Sue; Chandler, Susan; Lidstone, Rod; Stull, Josh
2022-02-28On Death and DyingLewis, Jacqueline; Fujita, Nobuko; Holland-Penney, Jillian; Durocher, Jackie; Bernardon, Brandon; Robertson, Beth
2022-02-15On LibertyMills, John Stuart
2020Online Course Design for Humans - A WorkbookTrent Online
2022-02-28Online Facilitator Development Workshop (OFDW)Vesely, Monica; Faubert, Jennifer; Frake-Mistak, Mandy; Ozols, Catharine; Penner, Gwen; Courtney, Rachel; O'Leary, Michael; Nietsch, Megan; Joukova, Antonina
2022-02-28Online Instructional Skills WorkshopVesely, Monica; Faubert, Jennifer; Frake-Mistak, Mandy; Ozols, Catharine; Penner, Gwen; Joukova, Antonina; Courtney, Rachel; O'Leary, Michael; Nietsch, Megan
2022-02-28Ontario Extend : Liberated LearnersGreene, Terry; Leithead, Cedar; Jamaleddine, Dana; Reynolds, Asa; Cormier, Dave; Forsythe, Giulia; Bhavsar, Harsh; Carrol, Heather; Hayman, Jenni; Kehoe, Joanne; Singh, Jupsimar; Sinclair, Laura; Peart, Liam; Poulin, Madelyn; Amador-Cruz, Gaby; Seal, Marnie; Paesano, Mikayla; Maher, Pat; Carnevale, Patrick; Kilani, Rana; Wendorf, Sarah; Montakhaby, Sevda; Winchester, Trevor; Greene, Terry; Mackie, Kyle; Bailey, James; Liony, Jean; Ramsurn, Sadnah; Prestigiacomo, Claudia; Brown, Bethany; Cress, Abraham; Perez, Ian; Grier, Nick; Jakupovski, Nolan; Ernewein, Jared; Deschamps, Will; Switzer, John; Schefter, Kathryn; Simmons, Lisa; Khokhar, Ramlah
2021Ontario Open : Sharing Resources to Enhance Equity and AccessResearch and Foresight eCampusOntario
2021Ontario Ouvert : Partager les ressources pour améliorer l'équité et l'accèsResearch and Foresight eCampusOntario