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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-03-31Wallets, Passports, Portfolios, Credentials : What Learners Want in a Virtual Education WalletHughes, Alexander Travis; Cannon, Graeme; Viselli, Laura; Arnold, Elisa; Chávez Tellería, Rocío
2019-02-28Web Accessibility for DevelopersDigital Education Strategies - The Chang School; Pauline Ricablanca; Greg Gay; Igor Karasyov
2018-03-31Web Design PrimerAdams, Richard; Sagarwala, Ahmed; Eleanor Beale; Humaira Imtiyaz; Reuben Kiblitsky; Shelly Sicat
2017Web Literacy for Student Fact-CheckersCaulfield, Mike
2022WebXR Template for P5.jsJi, Haru; Wakefield, Graham
2022-02WebXR Template for Three.js and Node.jsWakefield, Graham
2019-08-12Western University OER Faculty ToolkitGrogan, Deanna; Simon Fraser University Library; Simon Fraser University Teaching & Learning Centre; Shannon Moist
2020-08-31The Western World : Daily Readings on GeographyQuam, Joel; Campbell, Scott; Adduci, Joseph J.; Armas, Felipe; Bolyanatz, Alexander H.; Dexter, Nathan; Goergen, Christian; Ishida, Y. Franklin; Meserve, Peter; Pearson, Mark A.; Porter, Thomas Earl; Quam, Will; Willis, Derrick
2022-02-28What Can Coding Teach Kids?Aquil, Ammar; Jeethan, Anthony; Zupan, Marla
2020-02-03What You Can Do to Remove Barriers on the Web : Making Websites AccessibleDigital Education Strategies at The Chang School of Continuing Education; Gay, Greg
2022-02-23What’s Wrong with Simon? An Interprofessional Paediatric Virtual Gaming SimulationMastrilli, Paula; Hanna, Elizabeth; A'Court, K. Susan; Parker, Kate; Louca, Emily; Dunbar, Seona; Browning, Maite; Fayyaz, Jabeen; Velasquez, Rafael; Holmes, Jordan; Chow, Roger; Ellis, Wendy; Malkova, Elena
2022-02-15The White Witch of Rosehallde Lisser, Herbert G.
2022-02-28Why is Coding Important?Aquil, Ammar; Jeethan, Anthony; Zupan, Marla
2020Willkommen : Deutsch für alleKost, Claudia; Sawatzky, Crystal
2018-04-23Words of Wisdom : Intro to PhilosophyOndich, Jody
2018Work Integrated Learning Open Module InitiativeNiagara College; Georgian College; Lambton College; Algonquin College
2023-03-03Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Framework : Employability Skills and MicrocredentialsKrasznai, Andrea
2019-03-07Working Group Guide : Establish, Run, and Sustain an Open Working GroupWright, Lucas; Lambert, Krista; Castagné, Michel; Coolidge, Amanda; Daniels, Caroline; Engle, Will; Flewelling, Debra; Gregson, Grant; Harrison, Michelle; Meijer-Kline, Karen; Passos, Rosario; Power, Hope
2022-06-06Working in Play : Exploring the Recreation and Leisure Industry, Prospective Student Edition (v. 1.1 - June 13, 2023)Whitehead, Linda
2022-05-29Working in Play : Planning for a Career in the Recreation and Leisure Industry in Canada (v. 1.1 - June 13, 2023)Whitehead, Linda