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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Into the Light: Living Histories of Oppression and Education in OntarioStonefish, Mona; Park, Peter; Slark, Marie; Charlebois, Antoinette; Kelly, Evadne; Rice, Carla; Areguy, Fitsum; Martin, Geoff; Plumb, Jasmine; Garrett, Ian; Boye, Seika; Gray, Julia; Harvey, Kathryn; Hutton, Sue; Germain, Kat; Notwell, Jess; Wehkamp, Cara; Bailey, Aly; Fisher, Lindsay; Lam, Margaret; Lackeyram, Dale; Owen, Dawn; Stonefish, Sky; Anges, Vicky; Parliament, Debbie; Ireland, Dominique; Jemmott, Dante; Kelly, Aaron; Fowlie, Hannah; Stonefish, Mona; Kelly, Evadne; Esteban, Miguel; Besse, Kayla; Millar, Reid; Khazanavicius, Milena; Areguy, Fitsum; Desai, Shital
2022Critical Perspective of Racism and Colonialism in SocietyNgo, Anh; Skop, Michelle; Mawerera, Maggie; Dwaikat-Shaer, Nuha; Laurier eLearning Team
2022The Art of Change (CMTYENGA 3A03) Course MaterialsHeidebrecht, Dave; Kay, Randy; Yadav, Ananya; Menezes, Julia
2022-02-22Understanding Homelessness in Canada : From the Street to the ClassroomBuccieri, Kristy; Davy, James; Gilmer, Cyndi; Whitmore, Nicole; Ferguson, Stephanie; Bailey, James; Andrews, Josh; Vasko, Stephanie; Keizerwaard, Brad; Tongs, Carter
2022-02-21Sustainable Tourism Future CourseBoluk, Karla; Canally, Culum; Elliot, Statia; Snider, Ryan; Canally, Culum
2022-03-31Safe Sport : Critical issues and practicesStevens, Julie; Stevens, Julie; Cayer, Isabelle; Dawson, Karri; Donnelly, Michele; Donnelly, Peter; Findlay, Hilary; Forbes, Susan; Kerr, Gretchen; Kidd, Bruce; Liboiron, Kasey; Livingston, Lori; MacPherson, Ellen; MadhavaRau, Leela; Mazzucco, Marcus; Moss, Ian; Niedre, Peter; Ritondo, Talia; Spence, Kirsty; Truman, Georgina; Bussel, Michael Van; Willson, Erin; Linzell, Jessica; Innes, Alison; Louie, Monica; Beech, Catherine
2022-03Sport s├ęcuritaire : enjeux et pratiques critiquesStevens, Julie; Stevens, Julie; Cayer, Isabelle; Dawson, Karri; Kerr, Gretchen; Kidd, Bruce; Liboiron, Kasey; MacPherson, Ellen; Moss, Ian; Niedre, Peter; Truman, Georgina; Willson, Erine
2022-02-15The Souls of Black FolksDu Bois, W.E.B.
2022-03Antiracism : Theory and Practice Online Courses - General CourseMoafak, Mohammed; Powell, Sara
2022-02-28Learning to be Human TogetherGreene, Terry; Maher, Patrick; Baker, Nick; Mommertz, Kristen; Treviranus, Jutta; Curry Jahnke, Jennifer; Mitchell, Jess; Hilditch, Jaime; Carroll, Heather; Bhavsar, Harsh; Forsythe, Giulia; Rawle, Fiona; Cormier, Dave; Stewart, Bonnie; Spence, Rachel; Rawle, Fiona; Hilditch, Jaime; Treviranus, Jutta; Mitchell, Jess; Forsythe, Giulia; Greene, Terry; Sawhney, Arjun