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Title: Working with Diversity
Authors: Northern College
Keywords: Diversity
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2022
Abstract: Working with Diversity is designed to help you explore and examine the many layers of diversity that surrounds individuals and identifiable groups in society, and they will see how these many layers contribute to a rich, diverse Canadian cultural landscape. As part of this examination, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your personal attitudes, assumptions, and views toward diverse population groups. As a brief introduction, you will begin developing their understanding of diversity by identifying, discussing, and defining core terminology like privilege, cultural competence, and cultural safety. You will enhance their knowledge and understanding of diversity by looking at origins of differences among various population groups in Canada and by looking at society's attitudes associated with Canadian Regionalism, demographic trends, First Nations peoples, immigration, and various other established minority groups. Also, learners will become aware of government policies and influence on certain segments of Canadian society and its role in dealing with social inequalities. Finally, you will look at and reflect on the media's role in perpetuating stereotypes and swaying personal views of diversity in Canada. Course Objectives 1.) Define and recognize the language used in relation to diversity. 2.) Describe and define cultural competence. 3.) Discuss the importance of cultural diversity in the workplace. 4.) Reflect on personal beliefs and aspirations about cultural competence. 5.) Illustrate how their own life experiences impact the ideas they form. 6.) List the variety of forms of social inequality. 7.) Discuss sensitivity, competence, and safety in a cultural context. 8.) Demonstrate an increased level of cultural competence within the following contexts. Diversity and Identity Forms of Oppression Social Inequality Race and Ethnicity Aboriginal Peoples Gender and Sexuality People with Disabilities Families Practicing Diversity
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