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Title: Virtual, Interactive Physiology Laboratories
Authors: Stewart, Ronald
Collins, Geoffrey
Hesketh, Greg
Perry, Carolyn
Stewart, Ronald
Collins, Geoffrey
Hesketh, Greg
Perry, Carolyn
Keywords: #PhysiologyLaboratories
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Humber College
Abstract: Physiology is a key subject in the study of health sciences. This series of 5 interactive physiology labs are designed to be stand-alone units that can be completed individually or as a set. They each include a brief lecture-style explanation of key concepts, combined with thought-provoking questions and videos of experimental procedures. An included handout allows for students to collect data and reflect on the concepts presented to reinforce their understanding of 1) Fluids and Electrolytes; 2) Acids and Bases; 3) Cardiovascular Physiology; 4) Respiratory Physiology; 5) Digestive Physiology with respect to the human body.
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