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dc.contributor.authorThompson, Dan-
dc.creatorThompson, Dan-
dc.description.sponsorshipThis adapted edition is produced by the University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing through the eLearning Support Initiative.-
dc.description.tableofcontents1. Case Studies-
dc.description.tableofcontents2. Introduction to Financial Management-
dc.description.tableofcontents3. Introduction to Business Valuation-
dc.description.tableofcontents4. Time Value of Money-
dc.description.tableofcontents5. Financial Statement Analysis-
dc.description.tableofcontents6. Financial Reporting Quality-
dc.description.tableofcontents7. Maturity Matching-
dc.description.tableofcontents8. Financial Planning and Growth-
dc.description.tableofcontents9. Capital Budgeting-
dc.description.tableofcontents10. Working Capital Management-
dc.description.tableofcontents11. Permanent Debt and Equity Financing-
dc.description.tableofcontents12. Risk and Return and Stock Valuation-
dc.description.tableofcontents13. Bond Valuation and Interest Rates-
dc.description.tableofcontents14. Cost of Capital-
dc.description.tableofcontents15. Optimal Capital Structure-
dc.publisherThompson Rivers University-
dc.rightsCC BY |
dc.subjectFinancial management-
dc.subjectBusiness valuation-
dc.subjectCorporate finance-
dc.titleFinancial Management-
dc.typeLearning object-
dcterms.accessRightsOpen Access-
dcterms.educationLevelUniversity - Undergraduate-
ecO-OER.InstitutionalAffiliationThompson Rivers University-
ecO-OER.ISNI0000 0000 9945 2031-
lrmi.learningResourceTypeEducational Unit - Module/Unit-
dc.description.abstractThompson Rivers University (TRU) has developed an OER in financial management consisting of 21 learning modules that can be used to teach courses in introductory and advanced financial management at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as a course in business valuations. Each module consists of a detailed reading, presentation slides, learning problems, and answer keys. A number of case studies in areas such as financial statement analysis, financing planning, capital budgeting, and cost of capital are also included along with sample course outlines.-
dc.description.abstractFaculty can select whatever modules they feel are needed to achieve the specific learning outcomes for a course. As OERs, faculty are also free to modify the readings, problems, or case studies so they better meet their needs and those of their students. These modules can be quickly imported into a learning management system such as Moodle or Blackboard to produce a challenging face-to-face or online learning experience. With the rising cost of education, particularly textbooks, faculty are obligated to “adopt and adapt” OERs whenever possible to help their students.-
dc.subject.otherBusiness & Economy - Accounting-
dc.subject.otherBusiness & Economy - Finance & Trade-
dc.subject.otherBusiness & Economy - Business Management-
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