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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Different Road To College : A Guide For Transitioning To College For Non-traditional StudentsLamoreaux, Alise
2020Educational Psychology Library Lab Manual : An Introduction to Searching UAlberta Library Sources of InformationLacroix, Denis
2020Programmes d'étude et ressources autorisées : Savoir les trouver à la bibliothèque de l'Université de l'AlbertaLacroix, Denis; cgareaubrennan
2020Learning Online : A Guide for StudentsWalsh, Ellyssa
2022-02-28Ontario Extend : Liberated LearnersGreene, Terry; Leithead, Cedar; Jamaleddine, Dana; Reynolds, Asa; Cormier, Dave; Forsythe, Giulia; Bhavsar, Harsh; Carrol, Heather; Hayman, Jenni; Kehoe, Joanne; Singh, Jupsimar; Sinclair, Laura; Peart, Liam; Poulin, Madelyn; Amador-Cruz, Gaby; Seal, Marnie; Paesano, Mikayla; Maher, Pat; Carnevale, Patrick; Kilani, Rana; Wendorf, Sarah; Montakhaby, Sevda; Winchester, Trevor; Greene, Terry; Mackie, Kyle; Bailey, James; Liony, Jean; Ramsurn, Sadnah; Prestigiacomo, Claudia; Brown, Bethany; Cress, Abraham; Perez, Ian; Grier, Nick; Jakupovski, Nolan; Ernewein, Jared; Deschamps, Will; Switzer, John; Schefter, Kathryn; Simmons, Lisa; Khokhar, Ramlah
2022-02-28HyFlex Course Design and Teaching StrategiesBarclay, Angela; Clarke, Kathleen; Domonchuk, Nicole; Hayman, Jenni; Shapiro, Sidney; Singh, Jupsimar; Young, Mel; Ceccolini, Krista; Mackie, Kyle; Wendorf, Sarah
2022-02-03The Language of ForensicsLuk, Vivienne; Dosajh, Advikaa; Liede-Sevsek, Andrea; Jarrett, Tajharae
2022-02-28TransitionU : Community, Identity, and InquiryGreenwood, Jill; Brennan, Kelly
2022Teaching with Technology in Undergraduate MathematicsMamolo, Ami; Yan, Kitty; Lovric, Miroslav; Glynn-Adey, Parker; Ruttenberg-Rozen, Robyn; Bohun, Sean; Rodney, Sheree; Mamolo, Ami
2022-02-25HyFlex Design in Indigenous Teaching and LearningMartin, A.L.; Grey, Sam; Jonathan, Stevie; Mathews, Marrissa; Grey, Sam; Doxtater, Michael; Ford, Jessica; Jones-Keeshig, Deanna; Maracle, Carla; Martin, Chris; Restoule General, Aisha; Switzer-McIntyre, Sharon; Sandy, Derek; Jamieson, Nathan; Jamieson, Rebecca; Bomberry, Lisa; Jamieson, Jake