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Title: Ontario Extend : Liberated Learners
Authors: Greene, Terry
Leithead, Cedar
Jamaleddine, Dana
Reynolds, Asa
Cormier, Dave
Forsythe, Giulia
Bhavsar, Harsh
Carrol, Heather
Hayman, Jenni
Kehoe, Joanne
Singh, Jupsimar
Sinclair, Laura
Peart, Liam
Poulin, Madelyn
Amador-Cruz, Gaby
Seal, Marnie
Paesano, Mikayla
Maher, Pat
Carnevale, Patrick
Kilani, Rana
Wendorf, Sarah
Montakhaby, Sevda
Winchester, Trevor
Greene, Terry
Mackie, Kyle
Bailey, James
Liony, Jean
Ramsurn, Sadnah
Prestigiacomo, Claudia
Brown, Bethany
Cress, Abraham
Perez, Ian
Grier, Nick
Jakupovski, Nolan
Ernewein, Jared
Deschamps, Will
Switzer, John
Schefter, Kathryn
Simmons, Lisa
Khokhar, Ramlah
Keywords: #LiberatedLearner
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2022
Publisher: Trent University
Abstract: Following in the footsteps of the Ontario Extend: Empowered Educator program comes Ontario Extend: Liberated Learners. The original program worked to prepare educators to be better able to teach in a digital realm. The Liberated Learner seeks to do the same for the learners themselves. As such, the program has four modules: The Learner, The Navigator, The Collaborator, and The Technologist. Taken together, the modules aim to enable a well-rounded and ready-for-almost-anything post-secondary learner. For Learners. By Learners.
Other Identifiers: 90d3d8c1-0aa4-4e60-81d0-c0f09d70bce4
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