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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Work Integrated Learning Open Module InitiativeNiagara College; Georgian College; Lambton College; Algonquin College
2023-03-03Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Framework : Employability Skills and MicrocredentialsKrasznai, Andrea
2019-03-07Working Group Guide : Establish, Run, and Sustain an Open Working GroupWright, Lucas; Lambert, Krista; Castagné, Michel; Coolidge, Amanda; Daniels, Caroline; Engle, Will; Flewelling, Debra; Gregson, Grant; Harrison, Michelle; Meijer-Kline, Karen; Passos, Rosario; Power, Hope
2022-06-06Working in Play : Exploring the Recreation and Leisure Industry, Prospective Student Edition (v. 1.1 - June 13, 2023)Whitehead, Linda
2022-05-29Working in Play : Planning for a Career in the Recreation and Leisure Industry in Canada (v. 1.1 - June 13, 2023)Whitehead, Linda
2014Working in the Food Service IndustryThe British Columbia Cook Articulation Committee; go2HR
2022Working Together in the Pharmacy: Promoting Practice Readiness to Full ScopeMejia, Aleksandra; Singh, Lachmi; Fan, Frank; Keay, Ryan; Andrade, Robin; Balogun, Bolarinwa; Elbayoumi, Usama; Joseph, Julee; Nakhla, Nardine; Nenadovich, Maria; Richard, Cynthia; Sivakumaran, Gajan; Takla, Fabiola; Tan, Kenny; Tilli, Tianna; Wong, Clara
2024Working with Clients and Partners A Course (v.1 - Winter 2024)Tremblay McDonnell, Natalie; Tepylo, Diane; Stokes, Sarah; Robb, Jennifer; Johnson, Caitlin
2022-02-28Working with DiversityNorthern College
2022Working with Stakeholders in Learning ProjectsHaddy, Scott
2023-02-28Workplace Innovation Skills for Employment SuccessWurster, Jessica; Baregheh, Anahita; Carey, Tom; West, Libby; Lowes, Vicki; Chrobok, Michael; Kochany, Katarzyna; Afaq, Zainab; Alkins, Samantha; Anderson, Tyrenny; Couch, Samantha; Dass, Payal; Huang, Sunny; Karim, Atifa; Massara, David; Moed, Danielle; Orme, Douglas; Patel, Trisha; Proctor, Carrie; Singh, Divit; Ter Stal, David; Wilson, Leneque; Wurster, Jessica
2014Workplace Safety in the Food Service IndustryThe British Columbia Cook Articulation Committee; go2HR
2016World History : Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500Berger, Eugene; Israel, George L.; Miller, Charlotte; Parkinson, Brian; Reeves, Andrew; Williams, Nadejda
2016World Regional GeographyFinlayson, Caitlin Cihak
2018-08-23Write Here, Right Now : An Interactive Introduction to Academic Writing and Research AuthorsTucker, Aaron; Chafe, Paul; Kari Maaren
2022-02-17Write It Again OERLinstrum, Leslie; Lapp, Valerie; Perras, Tyler; Catallo, Tanya; Chea, Visal
2017Write Like a PR Pro : Why Writing Is Still Crucial in a Digital and Visual WorldSterenberg, Mary; Edwards, Kaitlyn; Loss, Anna; Bey, Adam; Duffy, Alexis
2024-03-25Writing Accessibility Statements for OERsMackie, Kyle
2019-12-03Writing Fabulous FeaturesKraft, Nicole; Grant, Herb; Rahe, Jake; Varda, Zach
2020Writing for Electronic MediaChampagne, Brian; Bodily, Brianna; Kiera Farrimond