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Title: Teaching with Technology in Undergraduate Mathematics
Authors: Mamolo, Ami
Yan, Kitty
Lovric, Miroslav
Glynn-Adey, Parker
Ruttenberg-Rozen, Robyn
Bohun, Sean
Rodney, Sheree
Mamolo, Ami
Keywords: Mathematics Education Technologies
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Ontario Tech University
Abstract: Teaching with Technology in Undergraduate Mathematics is a self-paced and flexible e-course designed for graduate students and university instructors who are looking to enhance their teaching practice with new techniques. The skills and competencies acquired through this e-course equip educators with tangible takeaways and practical strategies for teaching in face-to-face, blended, and online settings. At the forefront of this e-course is the importance of mathematical activity and interactions for advancing student learning and for creating inclusive and innovative lessons. This e-course includes a set of four interactive online modules, a supplementary workbook and resource guide, and multiple pathways for differentiated learning experiences. This e-course provides a flexible, holistic, and in-depth experience through a combination of inquiry-based explorations, online applets, dynamic and computational modeling, video podcasts, and interactive simulations. With differentiated pathways for graduate students and instructors, learning is tailored to participants' own teaching context. Course activities introduce a broad range of accessible and available digital technologies that can be leveraged to enhance teaching, and invite participants to apply their learning in practice, reflect on the experience, and envision new possibilities. After completing the first module, participants will earn a certificate in Digital Fluency for Mathematics Teaching. Differentiated pathways allow participants to choose to continue further and earn one of two possible certificates in Teaching with Technology in Undergraduate Mathematics or Leveraging Technology for Mathematics Tutorials. Through this e-course, participants will: 1. Develop fluency in the purposeful uses, benefits, and limitations of different digital technologies for teaching and tutoring undergraduate mathematics; 2. Enhance strategies for fostering rich mathematical experiences through the uses of interactive digital technologies and question-posing techniques; 3. Build capacity for enacting inclusive pedagogies that incorporate digital technologies into online, blended or in-person learning environments; 4. Consolidate ideas and apply them to the design and development of interactive digitally-enhanced mathematics learning experiences. To access the course, please visit or use the Read Online button.
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