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Title: VR Asynchronous Learning Experience
Authors: Rowbottom, Nathan
Hill, Tanis
Kisto, Rohit
Wardell, Jarrod
Powless, Laurie
Grey, Sam
Sandy, Derek
Bomberry, Lisa
Jamieson, Nathan
Jamieson, Rebecca
Keywords: virtual reality
asynchronous learning
VR template
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2022
Publisher: Six Nations Polytechnic
Abstract: This resource is a digital virtual reality (VR) template, designed to prioritize versatility, accessibility, and reusability through interchangeable media files. It is accessible on all web-enabled devices without additional specialized equipment and can easily be adapted by users to provide an asynchronous learning experience in any vocation, at any education level, that will be engaging and widely accessible. Institutions can create and share experiences, including virtual recruiting, field trips or campus tours, or virtual reality program elements.
Other Identifiers: d326a7ac-888e-47be-a465-3f62afa1f721
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