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Title: Trades Math Practice App
Authors: Gallo, Nancy
Wynters, Ibrahim
Maracle, Katie
Gallo, Nancy
Skye, Angel
Rowbottom, Nathan
Grey, Sam
Rowbottom, Livia
Quacquarelli, Luca
Sandy, Derek
Jamieson, Nathan
Bomberry, Lisa
Jamieson, Rebecca
Keywords: trades math; beginner math; math practice app
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2022
Publisher: Six Nations Polytechnic
Abstract: This mobile application helps learners develop their conceptual and practical skills in math for the skilled trades. Exercises support the development of mathematical acumen, and the application of math concepts to solve practical, helping users build and maintain a working knowledge of the math required for their chosen trade. This open educational recourse benefits by engaging them through relevant content and the real-life situations they may encounter on the job. The app may also be useful to individuals considering a career in the skilled trades, so they can better understand the level of mathematical acumen required. In the development process, Six Nations Polytechnic STEAM students developed, coded, and input questions for 68 topics. Approximately 350 math questions, and 68 assessments and textbook resources, were linked to the topics and questions. The topics list includes: 1-D and 2-D figures, adding decimals, adding integers, adding like fractions, adding unlike fractions, addition 1, addition 2, angles, area, and area of composite shapes. This app is easy to use, provides self-directed review and practice, while additions and modifications can be made to the code base.
Other Identifiers: 09a0b038-c2cf-4a99-94c0-1a85ee6afa06
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