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Title: Voices of Haudenosaunee Women
Authors: Reuben, Judy
Reuben, Judy
McGregor, Connie
Jilesen, Michelle
Thomas, Michelle
Rogers, Janet
Parker, Kaylin
General, Sara
Gallant, Lorrie
Elliott, Alicia
Thomas, Connie
Crone, Joyce Jonathan
Anthony, Jessie
Grey, Sam
Sandy, Derek
Jamieson, Rebecca
Jamieson, Nathan
Bomberry, Lisa
Keywords: Haudenosaunee literatures; cultural continuity/contemporary perspectives; healing
Issue Date: 25-Feb-2022
Publisher: Six Nations Polytechnic
Abstract: This micro-credential course introduces students to the written and spoken words of Haudenosaunee women through the author’s lens and voice. Innovative content speaks to topics of traditional women’s roles, rights, culture, truth and reconciliation, residential schools, life and death, education, family traditions, and healing. Topics explore past and present realities and the power of writing to illicit political, spiritual, and educational messages. Guided learning and interactive content engage learners to develop a greater awareness of the historical contributions and lived experiences of Haudenosaunee women. Subject matter experts and selected authors share personal experiences and reflections. This course increases the learner’s understanding and appreciation of the richness and power of the words of Haudenosaunee women, and the role of literature as a tool to reflect and shape perceptions of ourselves and those who share Mother Earth with us. Pedagogical Approach: This course is inspired by and feature the works of Haudenosaunee women and authors from the Six Nations of the Grand River community. Their voices come from their lived experiences and worldviews and as such, is an essential and contextually specific pedagogical approach. Further, experiential learning through direct and active experience with authors upholds the oral traditions and customs of the Onkwehonwe people. Reflective observation and inquiry-based learning are evidence-based approaches that generate effective student learning. A critical look at the political, historical, and cultural contexts will include class discussion and constructive critiques that extend learners’ horizons. Knowledge and Skills: participants in this course will increase knowledge of historical and contemporary perspectives related to ancestral stories, traditional practices, lived experiences, and kinship relationships; identify explicit and implicit themes and commonalities within the writings and make connections to real world issues; explore the influence of Haudenosaunee women’s literature as an educational, politician, informative, and educational medium; and research, analyze, and discuss the contributions made by Haudenosaunee women writers to cultural continuity, spiritualism, resilience, truth, and reconciliation.
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