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Title: New Approaches to Engineering Design Thinking Mindset : Idea Generation
Authors: Ebrahimi, Shelir
Stepanic, Kristina
Taghvaei, Armaghan
Yazdanpanah, Reza
Ebrahimi, Shelir
Keywords: Design Thinking
Idea Generation
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: McMaster University
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Abstract: This book, New Approaches to Engineering Design Thinking Mindset: Idea Generation, provides tools and techniques for different ways of generating ideas. Although teamwork is a huge portion of engineering work, without individual training, often a few people do most of the group work. Therefore, the focus of these modules is training individuals in selected design thinking skills so they can contribute more when they join their team. The developed resource includes two independent chapters that focus on some brainstorming techniques as well as biomimicry as new mindsets for idea generation. The resource has been created as a series of self-learning modules to support all undergraduate engineering students, regardless of their level of study. It can also serve as supplementary training modules for instructors. Since each online module focuses on building different skills, they can be used in combination or individually. Educators can incorporate the modules at different points in their programs.
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